Design Guides

Some of these are still linking the old guides. No worries! They will be updated as we go.

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Important Design Basics

These guides will help you navigate the designing process! Design Rules & Principles
Base Colors/Coats Nuances Marking Guide Magic Guide Species Information Edit Guidelines Items, Paints, Clothes and More

Free Markings

These are markings that can appear on ANY rex, regardless of geno! Beauty Spots Accents Dyon Paw Pads Latro Fisher's Blush Pink Sheen Free Gradient

Low Gene Free Markings

These markings can be used by rex that have 3 or less marking/modifier genes! If your rex has more than that, you cannot use these. Vario Remissus Laevis


Most traits are able to be passed down in breedings just like markings and show in the genostring on the import as well as in the trait field. Simple Traits PSD Sundry Lamia Obsitum Pistris



Argent Holyc Nox
How will new traits and markings be introduced?
Everyone's excited for new traits and markings, sure thing! We don't immediately announce new traits and markings after adding them to the genepool. They are added during periods when no breeding events are happening. Just like animals in real life, new markings and traits can be discovered by you guys. New genes that have been dropped in the genepool may lay dormant for a good while until they pop up via rng in a breeding. When this happens, we add the marking/trait page to the design center for you all to see.

New genes might linger, hidden, within the genepool for a while, only to emerge randomly through RNG during a breeding season. When this occurs, we'll make the new marking or trait page available in the design center for everyone to see. Until that time, it's a secret waiting to be discovered!