Import Changes / Errors
Import Text Changes
Post below to have your import text updated.
many changes can be done yourself using the 'manage' button on your Rexal's profile.
For errors such as incorrect magic rank or farm slots, we recommend using admin-help on our discord.

Rexal: (link to profile)
Change: (what you would like changed)

Rexal: Paris
Change: sex/pronouns change to "Female (He/Him)" <3

Rexal: Zotikos

Change: Change the rat companion's name to Pestle please!


Change: Name changed to Luciano

Sex changed to Female 

Hi sorry to bug you is it possible to change it to male?

Changed to Male!


(This is a one time thing since you're new and we just set the sex—in the future the sex of your rexal is a permanant choice!)