How To Get Started

Welcome to Rexalia! We are happy that you found your way here!!


Rexalia is an ARPG (art roleplay game). Which means, you will be playing as a character of our world Rexalia!.

What are rexals, you ask? If you are curious about the species, feel free to check them out here!

There are many places in the world of Rexalia that you are able to explore with your character!

You should definitely also check out the RULES!

Confused? Have a question? Have a quick read through the FAQ, and if you're still not sure jump onto our Discord!

What the game entails, how we handle things and what to expect.

As an arpg we strive to create a game that is fun for people that like character creation, historic fantasy of all kinds, art and simple browser games. Of course, no one is obligated to do all of these things and some will only be in the group for the art, some will only enjoy the games on the website, but we hope to have something to enjoy for everyone that likes any of these things. That said, it's good to keep in mind that you won't see fully fledged games on this website, since we create everything (mostly), by ourselves and our time and resources are limited. While we would love to implement things quickly, things may be slow! So that is something to always keep in mind when getting into this game! 

Also be aware: This group is still new! Some things might be confusing and rules may be changed suddenly. We apologise if this happens! As our team and playerbase grows so does our game. If you see any remnants of older rules, things that don't make sense, typos, etc, please report them via our discord! It's always a big help <3!

ARPG & Rexalia Lingo Oversight

Lingo Meaning
Geno Genos are undesigned rexes. They list the colors and markings of your critter and which traits you can use.
Genotype and Phenotype A genotype is the part of a geno that are shortened letters which convey markings. A phenotype is the geno, but put in plain english. You will want to check the genotype, though, since that is what determines if a gene is dominant.
Dom and Res All genes (the singular letters in a genotype) are res (recessive, ex.: aa) by default. Sometimes, though it happens that they are dom (dominant, ex.: AA), which most of the time gives the marking a special ability, for example making it bigger, brighter or even giving it the ability to glow. The difference between res and dom can be determined if a gene is written in lowercase or uppercase letters.
Elders Rexes owned by the group are called elders. Lorewise, these are the oldest rexes living and act as a council for the city. They do not act as NPCs, but as lore devices and sometimes breeding.
Imports Already designed and uploaded rexes are called imports. These images are mostly provided by users for the group.
Lineage This is where it states who your rexes ancestors are. Convenient for tracking marking inheritances and the like.
Slots A singular right to breed with an already designed rex is called a slot. You will either need an rex of your own or ownership of another rex's slot to breed with a slot.
MP Magic Points determine your rex's level. Each piece of art gives you more MP.
Magic Magic can mean different things. Most often it refers to a rexal's magical ability. Though, in a design aspect, it refers to the color of a rexal's magic on their design.
Roll/Activity Roll (AR/ARs) Each time you submit an activity to the group a moderator will roll random items for you. This process is called a roll. However, in the community when someone asks for a roll, they mean for you to draw a picture of their rex in an activity image. One image can have up to three rexes, which means up to three rolls. Example: "The price for this item is 5 rolls" means you will most likely draw two images, one with three rexes and one with two.
Congregation The ruling council of elder rex is called the congregation.
Adjacent Slider/Swatch The sliders that can be used for the specific given color. Not all of them are directly next to each other, despite the term, due to 'adjascent slider' referring mostly to those preceeding and following the slider in question, but also with the natural middle circle, being the big exception.
Main Slider The middle portion of the slider. It includes the lighter and darker rows, but not the darkest on the very bottom or the saturated one on the very top!
Somber Slider The darkest portion of the slider on the very bottom.
Arcane Slider The saturated portion of the slider on the very top.
Slider A slider is an image you can or must color pick from, provided by the group.
Swatch A swatch is another term for a color slider.

Now, how do I join?

The first thing you should do, is to join the deviantart-group: Rexalia. You are not obliged to be active once you joined, and are free to take your time to start (or never, but we will always be happy to see you around).

After joining, you should make yourself an account on our website: and link your deviantart account there via the settings tab. Once done so, you are now fully registered!

You are now able to adopt your very own Rex!

Please Note: We are currently in Beta-Testing and registrations to Rexalia.World are not always open. We announce openings on our Discord and dA so it's best to follow us in either or both places if you're interested!

Sales, Adoptables & Semicustoms

Now, you are probably wondering how to get your very own Rexal. Wonder no longer!

It is important to know is that you can not make a rex without owning a geno first. Rexalia is a closed species group, which means we track each and every single rex carefully, as well as their owner.

There are several ways how to aquire your own rex. Let's break them down:

Adoption Center

The adoption center is the best way for newcomers to get their first rexal. There are many genos ready to get adopted. These can be common and uncommon, but before you go rarity hunting, remember that your first rex should be easy and nice for you to draw. After all, your first rex is something very special and you should make sure that you will be happy with it for a while, so you can start collecting items and currency.

Group Sales

If you want to test your luck, you are able to buy RNG genos from the group. These are rolled randomly and depending on the rarity you purchase, the markings can be anywhere between common and rare.

There are also semicustoms that you can buy. With these, you can decide yourself which markings your rex should have. Not all markings are available however, and they mostly work with a point system. This is explained more in the sales journal.

Please note that the premium currency shop 'The Duchess's Bounty' is not always open.


Adoptables are a rather rare way of getting a rex. These are already made rexals, which you will be able to buy via direct sale or auctions. They can be purchased with real money or group-currencies. Read the rules of these carefully, so you don't accidentally buy something you wouldn't like!

What makes adoptables so special, is that sometimes they sport special kinds of markings that are unobtainable via normal gameplay. This is rather unconventional in the ARPG-scene, but makes for exciting opportunities when it comes to looks. Keep in mind, these rexes still have normal genos with markings that can be bred. Their babies will not be able to have their special marking, color or look. These are more intended as personal characters that you can use in the game.

The reason these sales are so far in between, is that they are intended to support the group. We use them to pay for server costs, out-of-group coders, promotional and event art, item artworks or even just to be able to have more time to work on the group. Everything earned via adoptables will go straight back to the game, since we plan to implement a lot more in the future.

If you ever purchase one of these, you will also earn our honest thanks for supporting this project!

Buying from Users

In the dA group's 'Advertisements' folder, the discord 'Marketboard', or's 'Marketplace', you will find many users that are selling genos. If you browse a little, you might find something you really like. This is a fast and easy way to get a geno you really enjoy and is mostly recommended for people that aren't that interested in breeding and just want a nice rex to play with.


This is not recommended for people new to the ARPG market, but for those that want to take risk and like RNG, it might be just the best way to get your very own rex. You will have to buy two breeding slots from users or the group to breed the two rexes together. Depending on the breeding rules and permissions, you will gain one or multiple eggs (geno) you will be able to design and use.

User-owned Slots

There are several ways to get breeding slots. Mostly, they can be purchased from other users. A slot is what one might call the right to breed once. When you aquire a slot to a user-owned rex, be aware that there might be rules attached to it. Please, be careful when buying and read the seller's conditions carefully!

Slots might be priced depending on the parent rex's rarity or how important they are to the owner.

Elder Slots

Another way to get slots is to buy them directly from the group. These might be priced with USD or even ingame currencies, so make sure to read announcements, if you don't want to spend real money. They are, however, always limited and mostly fcfs (first come, first serve). Group slots will be from rex that are group owned, called elders. These have different kinds of rarities, which you will be able to choose from. Rarities are priced differently, so be sure to check their rarity in the sale's journal and which elders are currently available to breed with.

While you must always ask the owner of a rex if you can make the breeding canon in your story, eggs from elders are always free to be made canon if you want to!

Got Geno! But it's just a bunch of letters?

A geno is composed out of several strings that tell you what it will look like when designed. Let's break it down, shall we?

Looking for the design manuscripts?

Design Manuscripts

Okay, I got my rex! What now?

There are a few things you can start doing now!

As example, you might want to start farming. Maybe you want your rex to level up to access more dangerous parts of the world. Or maybe you want to send them to do some jobs? Your choice!


Images or writings that are themed after a type of multi-time quest are called activities. These will be submitted into their folders in the group that an admin will look over to make sure they fit the requirements. If they do not, you might get asked to correct them (don't worry, this happens rarely if you read the rules carefully). If they do, the admin will roll a random amount (mostly 2-4) of randomized items for you. These items can be sold and sometimes used, depending on the item itself. Check the item page for each to see what they are good for!

Job Board

The main city of the dome, called Atlas, has a job board posted in front of the main temple, that oftentimes shows many different jobs that your rex can do. These are one time activities that each rex can only do once. Finished jobs will be posted in your rex's profile.

Please note the job board is currently not operating


Sometimes, the group will host big events. These are always different, but often have fun activities to do that determine the outcome of the event that is running right now. Often, new areas will be unlocked, but there will always be great things to be won!


There are several ways to unlock new quests. Some may be purchased, and some may be earned as part of gameplay. Each Rex can only complete each quest once. These will be visible on your Rexal's profile.


If you think your rex is ready to have a family, you are welcome to breed your rex with another one to get some pretty eggs! Breeding has a lot of requirements, so check them out before you do!


The level of your rex determines the power of their magic. This will enable them to get more items in activities and even participate in some things that are locked from lower level rexes. Levels can be easily seen by the shape of a rexes halo on their import. Each artwork made of your rex can be tallied into points to determine their level. Art can be submitted via the MP Counter and is then automatically logged on your Rexal's profile.


Of course, this is also just a way to play the game! You are able to customize your rex in many ways. From drawing items on their import to giving them companions, to even (rarely) give them a new marking. There's a LOT you can do if you want to really make your favorite rex shine!