Magic Guide

Magic Guide


The last gift given by the ancients, a rexal's personal magic is their lifeblood. The color given to a rexal by birth is believed as the color of their soul and some rex say, each and every single hue has a special star assigned in the sky that shines brightly in just their own color, somewhere...



Magic Color Rules

  • The magic color is directly picked from your halo color swatch the geno got assigned when it was rolled.
       ↳ Of course you can also copy the #HEXCODE into your program. Double clicking the color swatch usually lets you do that.
  • Apertures can be colored in this color or in a flesh tone. They cannot be BOTH.
       ↳The magic of your rexal is either active or not. It cannot be active in only some parts of the body.
  • The magic color can only appear directly in the following places:
         The halo, the shine from the rexal's mouth, the apertures and, when divine: the eyes
  • The magic color of a rexal is one of the very few things that will never change throughout their life and cannot be changed with any item.
    It is locked to them specifically, like a fingerprint.


Halo Rules

  • You can only custom design your halo if you reached the rank Divine.
       ↳ When divine you are also allowed to leave your halo off entirely.
  • They should be 4 times symmetrical (like a +).
    This is semi-enforced, since sometimes intricate shapes can happen where it feels symmetrical but is not entirely.
  • Halos must always resemble halos. They cannot be random shapes.
  • Halos are flat. They can't have thickness.
  • Halos must be ROUND in a way. They shouldn't read as a square.
       ↳ Octogons and the like are okay, though.
  • Halos cannot have imagery that does not fit into the world of rexalia. Keep them natural!
    • Examples: No cars in your halos, no symbols that have religious or political meaning,
      nothing that traces back to a time rexals do not have access to
Magic is a rexal's fingerprint, if you will. Of course, not every magic color is unique, but there's 360 different magic colors out there overall.

Our magic system is based on HSL colors. This enables us to make them able to be mixed, without losing their bright nature and still fit to nearly every base coat.
Tip: If you want to see every color possible, simply go here. Set the second slider to 90 and the third to 70, then you can slide the first slider around.

Magic ON The Import

Magic colors show in different parts of the import.
Note: Only the halo is mandatory on the import, though! You do not need to show any other magic!
So... What parts of the import can show the magic color?
As soon as your rexal reaches divine, their halo can now do very fancy things! additionally their eyes will be able to glow, if you want them to. This is all optional. Divine magic is under your control of how much it can show. Divine rex don't even have to show their halo at all.

Below you can see your options for the eyes and the halo!

Halos can show behind a rexal's head. This is a valid way to represent them on an import and in art. 
Divine halos are also able to give off 'smoke fumes'. Don't make them too high on the import.
Halos can be bent like this, too.
Double halos, or double imaged. This can be done in art already with the former halos if it is SUBTLE. 
However, to present this on the import, your rex has to be divine. Be aware that if you overdo this, we may decline it. The halo still has to be easily shown.
Stacked halos are two or three halos with different sizes that hover above one another. Just like the one above, be careful with this so that we can still identify the halo shape.
Here are some good and bad examples of halo shapes.

  • Halos should be round, or semi round. They shouldn't be too oval or rectangle shaped. If they feel more like a rectangle than a round circle, they will get declined.
  • They should be 4 times symmetrical (like a +). This is semi-enforced, since sometimes intricate shapes can happen where it feels symmetrical but is not entirely. 
  • No modern references! A rexal's magic cannot represent something they would've never seen in their life.
  • Halos should not be too thick. They should still read as mostly lines, not surfaces.
  • Halos should generally read like halos. We are aware this is highly subjective, so we highly encourage you to stay within the realm of traditional halos, however we understand that everyone likes to give their own twist to them. If in doubt, feel free to note the group, ask in the discord or submit the halo in good faith to the approval thread. We will tell you if something doesn't quite fit the game. 
    Note: Be aware, though, it can always be that your idea gets rejected for various reasons. Be prepared for that.

This reads as a circle, but not quite as a halo.  This fixes it! Still the same design, but with the circle it is so much clearer that it is a halo of a rex.

This frog definitely breaks the 4 times symmetry too much.  There this is better! Still with our friend in place.

Okay Halo Examples

This one is a great example of a very intricate halo that is not quite symmetrical.

It belongs to Sei-It's Aetre.


Not Okay Halo Examples