Base Colors




Rexes come in many colors! Most—but not all—of their markings will be shades of their base coat. You're free to pick any one color from the main slider as your base coat, but keep in mind this is fixed!


  • Pick one color from your main slider for the base coat!
  • Marking colors can be picked from the main and somber slider.
    However, you're also free to pick from the same hue as your base coat
    (i.e. saturation (not too saturated!) and value can be adjusted.)
  • Some base coat must show on your import. You can't hide it entirely and it must be easily noticable.
  • Make sure you have the right color swatch! Please check your geno carefully.
  • The base coat should always be visible somewhere and at least the size of a rexal's ear.

Looking for the marking guide? Check here: Marking Guide


Choose Basecoat

Ink (INK/ink)

Terra (TER/ter)

Solum (SLM/slm)

Dune (DN/dn)

Osseus (OSS/oss)



Starshine (STR/str)

Fall (FAL/fal)

Pyrite (PYT/pyt)

Dawn (DWN/dwn)

Tereos (TRS/trs)

Ruby (RBY/rby)

Dusk (DSK/dsk)

Twilight (TWL/twl)

Famine (FAM/fam)

Lavender (LVD/lvd)

Persha (PSH/psh)

Cavern (CVN/cvn)

Ocean (OCN/ocn)

Lacuna (LCN/lcn)

Lake (LKE/lke)

Demure (MUR/mur)

Shore (SHR/shr)

Ocim (OCM/ocm)

Emerald (EMR/emr)

Fern (FRN/frn)

Seaglass (GLS/gls)

Citrea (CTR/ctr)


Void & Akoya


Void & Akoya Guide

Void (VD/vd)

Akoya (KOY/koy)