Deviations in a rexal's coat are seen as unusual. They aren't so uncommon that they would raise any eyebrows, though...


Sundry could be seen as Obsitum's little siblings. It allows for edits of the coat in certain places only and only to a certain amount. Since Sundry is a common trait, not everything is allowed, so please read through the guides carefully.

  • Sundry is a trait that can only let the following areas grow.
  • Even though it lets things grow, rexals should still follow the rexal anatomy. 
    • Rex should never have spikes or horns!
    • You are not allowed to reshape body parts with this mutation.
    • Don't try to "fake" other animal parts. Rexals should never have dog ears, neither should they have horse tails. However, if an animal part falls within the natural shape of a rexal part, i.E.: A crocodile tail, it may be allowed. Please check with us beforehand with a sketch at hand, though.
  • Sundry must be submitted with the provided lines before making edits!
    • Once approved, you are allowed to edit the full provided range of the trait with 1 x Charmed Clay.
    • Alternatively (or additionally), you can use a Charmed Chisel or Comb to edit specific areas of the lineart. Sundry has its own ranges for the Chisel and Comb, so make sure to use the right ones!

  • Make sure Sundry stays 100% within the boundaries of its edits! 
    Anything growing out more needs Obsitum!


Furred Clay Ranges

Armored Clay Ranges


Furred Comb Ranges

Armored Chisel Ranges