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Rule Summary


All rules are as follows, unless a guide states otherwise.

  • - A maximum of 3 Rexals can be rolled for loot per submission.
  • - Images must be full color and cannot be greyscale. Shading is optional.
  • - The activity must take place in the Location chosen and reasonable effort should be put in to depicting the location accurately. For example, the Dome should represent 300 BCE Greece, it would be inappropriate to have flying cars.
  • - Rexals must be on-task for activities, refer to the guide.
  • - Other-ARPG creatures are permitted.
  • - Your artwork must be submitted to deviantArt with comments enabled. Please write in the description which Rex are being rolled for loot if your submission features more than 3 player-owned Rex.
  • - Link the profiles of all player-owned Rex in your artwork in the deviation description.
  • - Each story/panel/image can only be rolled for one type of AR. You cannot have one Rexal scouting and another performing drudgery.
  • - We allow AR sheets/comics. Up to 5 panels/images may be rolled for loot (for a maximum of 15 rolls). Each different image/panel must be numbered, and all other art rules still apply. 

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