Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a website account to play the game?

Yes, you absolutely need an account to play the game, as most of the game-related aspects are logged and held on the website itself, rather than dA. 

Do I need a website account to own a Rex?

Yes, you need a website account to have ownership of the Rex transferred to you. However, if you do not wish to participate in the game beyond that, that is more than fine!

How do I transfer a Rex?

Go to the rexal's profile you want to transfer and click the right edit button to make a transfer tab appear. There you can choose another user to transfer to.

Can I make a Rex without joining the game? 

You are more than free to make your own crocodile-type dragons, but we ask that you please not call them Rexals out of respect for our group and the effort we've put into creating & running it!

Can I make NPCs (Rex you do not own yourself, but background characters in images/mothers/fathers) of my own?

Yes! Look here for more information under the NPCs tab: [LINK]

How do I get my first Geno?

Please refer to the How to Get Started Guide! 

How many Rexal can I include in activities?

You can include up to three Rexes in a single activity, or if there is a Divine rexal present, four!

I found a mistake somewhere! What do I do? 

Please note the group with any errors or mistakes you may encounter while playing the game! A moderator will reach out to assist you ASAP. Alternatively, we have a dedicated discord channel where you can report any typos and issues that you might come accross.

Can I draw my Rexal in other settings?

Sure, however they will not receive rewards (as Rexalia is set in a specified environment), and they may be submitted to the Misc. folder in the group. 

How many activities can I submit in a day?

You may submit no more than THREE rolls / day. This limit does not apply to healing images. 

What is the Picturam tab on my Rexal's profile?

The Picturam tab is a place where you can submit a single image of your Rex to act as a pseudo ref sheet! This means it does not have to be a reference sheet, but can simply be a drawing you really like of your Rex! Please make sure that whatever you upload follows our rules.

What is the Galeria tab on my Rexal's profile? 

Any required Acsension pictures will be permanently locked here, once they have been approved! 

If I leave the species, can I take my character with me?

Yes, you absolutely may! However, please don't call them Rexes anymore, and you may not use the official reference sheet, as the lines are owned by the Rexalia group! 

Can I delete my Rexal?

Yes, please contact the group to delete your Rexal. However, be warned that this is a permanent decision, even if you decide to remake the Rexal, all stats, items, levels, and everything else will be removed. Additionally, you may not reuse old artwork of the Rexal before it was deleted to gain MP for a reinstated Rex. 

Can my Rex be LGBTQIA+?

Yes, your Rex may have any sexual orientation or gender identity that they desire! You can put all this information into their profile if you wish!

Can my Rex die?

In the game, there is no function that can kill your Rexal. Lore wise, Rexals do not die of old age, though they mostly do not live to be over 300 years old (they often succumb to sicknesses much more easily in their older age)! However, they are able to die of illness, injury, etc., though this is entirely for lore purposes. 

Is there a limit I can sell my Rex for?

No, you may sell your Rex for any price you see fit (as long as there is a willing buyer)!

How many Rexal can I own?

There is no limit on the amount of Rexal that a member can own at one time!

Can I sell items/art/etc. for real money?

Yes, you may, however PLEASE be careful when exchanging IRL currency for items or Rexals, as we cannot compensate you if you loose money to a scam! We do not want artists to undervalue their hard work in the group. If you encounter a possible scammer, please note the group, or message one of the open to DM admins on our Discord server!

Is there a rule to leasing?

There is no official rule in place at the moment, but the items are always locked to the owner of the Rex. You may make private deals, but they must be handled between the two parties involved. We cannot compensate for any potential scams that occur. 

Do we not have activity trackers?

No! Any activity roll is logged in our website logs so we can keep track easily. The rolls themselves are rolled on the activity journal. 

Outside of that, though, you are more than welcome to make a traditional activity tracker for yourself to keep track of the things you've gotten for your artworks. 

Do I have to draw everything myself? Can I commission others for activities/ascension/breedings, etc.?

You are more than welcome to commission others for these drawings! However, please keep in mind that when it comes to activity rolls, you may not sell or buy a roll cheaper than 10 USD! This means that 2x rolls will be 20 USD at minimum, 3 will be 30$...etc. We do not wish artists to undervalue their hard work.

Can my activity images fail?

No, they cannot! An activity image will always bring something back!

Can same-sex Rexals have babies?

Yes, as long as the right item is in your possession (Love Stew), anything is possible!

Can I draw my Rexal without the halo? 

Yes, you may! You do not have to draw the halo. 

Is there a way to bring my perished babies back to life?

No, that is the penalty of inbreeding, sorry! 

What is HSL? And what's the difference to HSV?

HSL (for hue, saturation, lightness) and HSV (for hue, saturation, value) are two ways to measure colors. For the magic colors we use HSL, since saturation and lightness can always be the same. So we have any number on the front, 90 saturation and 70 lightness. This is vital for the website to calculate the colors and mix them for breedings. 

Is shading necessary for rolls?

Not usually. However, some events, quests or other activities require shading! Check each guide.

Will pixel art be allowed for rolls?

As long as your piece fits the minimum requirement of 300 x 300 pixels with each rex at least 150 px wide/high, you can of course pixel your piece.

Are sketchy styles allowed for rolls?

This depends highly on your gallery and the effort you put into the piece. If your art is typically sketchy, we will allow it. If we realize there's less care put into than usual, it might get hit with corrections. Be careful not to overdo it!

Can rolls be used as payment in trades with users?

Yes! This depends on what each user wants, though. Don't sell yourself for too cheap.

Are 3d pieces permitted?

Yes, however, just as with sculptures, art and the like, assets can only be used once to make things fair to those that draw from scratch. Models can not be reused and backgrounds must be re-assembled for each roll. 

Does the word count stack if I want to put in more Rexals in one AR?

Half of the base word requirement for literature must be tacked on in order to add an additional rex. Example: 600 words base requirement mean that you need 300 words more for an extra rex to be rolled.

Can 1 picture depict 2 activities at once, say a rex scouting and then another doing something for drudgery, or an event?

No, that would be way too chaotic for the rollers, unfortunately. However, if we find an easy solution, this may be allowed in the future. For now, with our small team, it is not.