Some Elders are rumored to occasionally influence children born in the Dome a bit more... directly. Rexals who show magic in these colors are said to have been blessed by one of the Elders who favor the autumn months.

For farming communities, this is seen as a blessed mark of Ceres, and a sign that a good harvest is to come to any rex to welcome a pup with this magic into their family.

In Atlas, this is a common sign of being a champion of Kleomenes. As one of the most revered Elders, Kleomenes‘ mark indicates that one is an old and wise soul, often believed to one day become one of the leading architectural and engineering experts in the Dome.

Some smaller circles mumble that this is a dark mark of Nyctimene, reminiscent of a blood moon. A warning to both the rex and those around them that their path is stained red...


Sanguine colors the rexal’s magic in an extreme way. Rexals with this marking can have their magic overridden with any color picked from the below slider, every part of the rexal’s magic will be saturated in this new hue.

Be careful that you really color ALL the magic in the chosen hue!

Sanguine is only passable during October in breedings and has a rarity of an uncommon marking.

Only passable during October

Sanguine is a Seasonal Rarity marking mutation! In order to have a chance of it rolling in your clutch during this breeding season! Please read all the rules below, as well as the marking mutation page!

Sanguine Page

  • All normal courtship rules still apply here.
  • They must be autumn or spooky themed in nature!
  • Some examples for drawn images may be:
    • bats flying
    • harvest crops
    • fall foliage colors
    • spiders & spider webs
    • skeletons/bones
    • corvids, etc.
  • For literature, it also must be autumn or spooky themed in some manner, or take place in such a setting! Some examples might be:
    • a harvest festival
    • a big feast
    • a cemetery
    • a stroll through a misty forest at night.
  • In the case of a Mysterious Stranger or NPC slot, you still need to have a courtship done in order for Sanguine to have a chance of rolling. This can be done as a solo courtship, depicting just the rex being bred with the NPC or Stranger (in the case of a NPCxNPC or StrangerxNPC, you will need to draw an NPC)!