Group Rules

  • Rexals are a closed species. You're absolutely allowed to make your own crocodilian dragons, but please do not call them rexals if they aren't on our official import sheet and uploaded to our website.

  • This ARPG is 16+ Due to some of the themes in this group, such as horror, fighting, death, and other topics, Rexalia requires users to be at least 16 years of age. There are unfortunately no exceptions to this rule, even if you are mature for your age. If you are under 16 years of age, absolutely feel free to drop a follow and send a join request once you are 16! Any users found to be violating this rule will be banned without strikes or warnings.

  • Import sheet uploads are limited to our group spaces. This means it's not permitted to publicly upload them elsewhere. The only exceptions to this are uploading your own Rex to your personal or account, however please link back to the group or credit the lineart creator @Vuek. If you've drawn your own reference sheet you're allowed to upload it to your social media or galleries with credit to the group.

  • We do not recognize co-owns. While we do not forbid co-owning, only one user can officially be the owner of the rexal. This means that all activity payouts, etc. will go to them. Please be careful since we will not get involved in co-owning disputes.

  • Account sharing is allowed. However, this is not something we're willing to regulate. It is entirely your decision, but please keep in mind we won't be able to step in should something go wrong.

  • Only one account per person is permitted. This is to prevent double earning in the mini games.

  • We cannot be held responsible for any monetary loss, fraudulent trades, etc. Please make sure the other party is trustworthy and always double-check if a transaction seems too good to be true or feels off somehow! We may be able to help with in-game losses if proof is provided, but RLC (real life currency) and off-site trades are out of our hands.

  • Please no discussion of politics or controversial topics in Rexalia! The outside world can be harsh and we'd like the group to be a safe space for those seeking an escape. You're free to ask in the server if anyone is willing to discuss current issues over DMs though!

  • We do not tolerate anti-social behavior. Harassment, bullying, hostile attitudes towards the admins or other users, verbal abuse, discriminatory language, bigotry; none of this is acceptable. While we understand that discussions can get heated, we implore you to stay civil and considerate.

  • Please be kind and respectful towards others. Take a step back if you feel like the conversation is getting tense. If you feel like you've been treated unfairly, by another user or otherwise, please contact a moderator you trust to talk about it.

  • Continuing from above, if you feel that another user is consistently disrespecting you please consider blocking them first and foremost. Tell a member of staff if they attempt to contact you after and we'll handle the situation to the best of our abilities. Block evasion will result in being blacklisted from the group.

Misc Rules

  • You can choose to have your rex pass away. However, this decision is final and can't be reversed.

  • You can choose for your rex to be or become infertile. This decision is irreversible.

  • You can choose for your rex to be or become blind. There are no penalties for blindness, and you can choose to not show it on the import. In the case of you wanting to display it, however, you need to use one "Charmed Bandages" item to make it visible on the import.

  • Religious iconography is not permitted. This applies to all lore-compliant group artwork and import edits. This also includes well known religions to keep everything as fair as we can. While you are allowed to depict slight religious themes, you shouldn't outright depict religious relics, symbols or practices which are easily recognizable as such.

  • Please don't attempt to hurry staff. We'll do our best to work in a timely manner, but many of us have additional responsibilities outside the group. Please wait at least 2 weeks from date of your post before poking us about something.

  • Official Rexal names (the name registered with the site) should not be sentences, phrases or titles. This includes song lyrics, quotes, or anything that you might stereotypically expect to find in a real-world horse registry. Additionally, names must also follow the ToS; this means no slurs or foul language.

Sales and Advertisements

  • You can only repost your ad once 24 hours have passed. Please don't reword or delete the previous ad to get around this limit.

  • Don't take offers on things that don't belong to you. This includes pending trades, interest checks are not allowed.

  • The minimum purchase price for all rolls that can be used within the group must be at least $10. This is a minimum activity roll price to make sure that artists are being properly compensated for their effort. Please be aware of this still applying when commissioning artists outside the group as well.

  • You cannot sell breeding slots your Rexal does not have. This includes selling slots before the Coming of Age Ceremony has been accepted, or selling slots before the MP rank has been confirmed.
    • The only exception to this rule is when you are promising breeding slots in return for another player completing your Rexals CoAC. Your Rexal must have 75 MP confirmed before making this deal.

  • It's your responsibility to inform the new owner about the rex. This includes breeding slots, used items or applied companions.

  • All sales and trades are final. You can't revoke a sold rex or breeding slot. You can contact us if you believe you have a valid reason to waive this rule. (You missing them or them being important is not a valid reason.)

  • Do not harass others for their items, rex, etc. Unsolicited offers, begging, pressuring, and guilt tripping all fall under harassment.

Design Rules

  • Don't copy, trace or steal anyone else's design. Your rex designs should be entirely your own, even when taking inspiration from the group's examples.

  • Don't purposefully attempt to skirt the rules. We will notice and you may be banned from submitting designs if it keeps happening.

  • Your design belongs to you and you can use it as you wish, even if that's outside the Rexalia world. However, rexes as a species still belong to the group. Please do not transfer the design without first informing the other user about the species. When transferring, you must include the import sheet and do so officially through the website.

  • Designs should be ultimately unique in some way, at least on the face. Even if creating two rex with exactly the same geno, you must still make sure our MP counters can see the difference in them easily without having to zoom in. This difference should be in the face or head/neck region, as these are the areas which will most frequently be depicted in artworks.

  • Past designs cannot be used as a basis for determining what is or isn't allowed. Moderators may make mistakes, rules may change, and some designs may become obsolete. Therefore, arguing with moderators based on existing designs is not permitted.

  • We reserve the right to request a Marking Map or Breakdown. If a Marking Map is not provided upon request, we reserve the right to withhold processing your design until the map is received.

Art and Literature Rules

  • All art and literature should be made from scratch. You can't reuse old art, including backgrounds, or writing done for another group or activity. The one exception to this rule is bases. You are allowed to make lineart bases for other players to colour, however any re-used elements, such as lineart or shading, will be ineligible for MP.

  • Tracing is prohibited. However, making use of resources such as is allowed as long as the original reference cannot be recognized in your piece.

  • Plagiarism is prohibited. Do not present others' work as your own. This is a very serious matter and if discovered there will be consequences.

  • Collaborations are allowed. Please list in your description who did what in your collab piece.

  • Sexual NSFW is prohibited. Of course you're allowed to do as you wish with your characters, but please keep it private. Rex erotica shouldn't be posted to the group or your social media. Gore and similar mature themes are allowed if the correct filters are applied.

  • Critters from other ARPGs are allowed in activity pieces. However, event, quest, etc. pieces cannot include non-Rexalia critters. Check each activities guide to see if arpg critters are allowed.

  • Generally, artwork should fall within the group's lore. This rule is rather lax and will be judged on a case by case basis. Unfitting pieces may be declined or moved to the misc folder.
  • Submissions to the group's misc folder must still be rex related. Reference sheets, art that doesn't conform to the lore or casual art of your rex are all allowed.

  • Submissions you want rolled must be posted to deviantart galleries. Even commissioned artwork! Please make sure to ask for permission from the artist if you can post it to your dA, should they not have one themselves. Stash is also not a viable option, due to the lack of notifications.
    MP only pieces however
    , are able to be submitted without being hosted on dA specifically!

  • Artists must give permission for their art to be posted on All ascension and picturam submissions must have clear permission to be posted on the website. If they have not, they cannot be used as such.

  • Art must be unique and specifically created for the purpose you are submitting it as. This means, that art generally cannot be submitted for two or more different activities or purposes unless specifically allowed in the rules.

  • Artwork/panels must be numbered if they are in a sheet or there are multiple images in one submission (such as a comic). This simply helps the rollers and MP counters to do their job without confusion!

  • Please make sure to list and link the profile of all the depicted Rexals in your descriptions! If your artwork / literature contains more than 3 rexals, and you would like to submit your work in activities, specify which rexals you intend to get activity rolls for.

  • Number all of the panels if you are submitting a comic, or an image with multiple artworks in it. This is to help us track what has been accounted for in activities and in MP judgement.

Breeding Rules

  • Rex must have had their coming of age ceremony before breeding. This ceremony rings in a rex's adult status, you must complete it before they can breed.

  • Distribution of litters must be decided beforehand. Please state this clearly when rolling, e.g. "first pick of the litter goes to me, the rest of the litter goes to the other party."

  • The item's owner must reply to confirm any item usage, if the applied item isn't owned by the user commenting. However, please consider transferring the item (unless soulbound) to their inventory beforehand instead.

  • Your partner must confirm the breeding unless a breeding slot comment is used, since this in itself counts as confirmation.

Admin Contact, Security, Website

  • Please don't contact admins or mods about group matters privately without asking first. Different admins work different areas, and if you are messaging the wrong person, they probably won't be able to help you and will redirect you to the group notes or the appropriate channel in the discord.

  • If you think there's a bug or error on the website: Note the group with all the info you have, or contact an admin who signaled that they can be messaged! Do NOT openly talk about bugs in the discord, since sometimes they can be gamebreaking and we don't want anyone to be affected by trying. This way, we can also handle it quickly and efficiently.

  • If you need help you may contact a moderator via the 'admin-help' channel on discord. If your question is sensitive, you may contact a mod privately if you prefer. The best way to do this is to ask in admin-help "Hey, can a breeding mod please DM me about a question!" Alternatively, you may DM a mod directly, but please see the list here, or check each mod's role on discord to confirm that person is okay receiving pings or DMs! Do not tag Vuek.