Injuries and Healing


The world outside the Dome is dangerous.. wild.. tainted. To survive you must adapt and overcome. The unwary and unprepared will fall victim to the perils of Rexalia.. or its denizens.

When completing ARs in Dangerous Zones (anything other than The Dome), there is a chance that your Rexal will become injured. An injured Rexal will have their neck plate marked so that other Rexal know they are in need of help, and their injury will be listed on the Information tab of their profile.

An injured Rexal cannot participate in ARs until their injury is healed. Please note that ARs posted to the queue before the injury are still eligible to be rolled before healing.

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There are two ways to heal an injury from your Rexal:

Healing โœ”๏ธ
  • Sleeping/Resting in a safe area
  • Bandaging/packing/suturing a wound
  • Applying a salve
  • Consuming a hot beverage or meal
  • Splinting a broken limb
  • Bathing/Sauna/Hot Springs
  • Inhaling smoke or vapors
  • Fitting prosthetics
  • Not Healing โŒ
  • Bleeding out on the floor
  • Being carried to safety
  • Getting injured
  • Hiding or fleeing
  • Healing with magic spells
  • Bloodletting or leeches
  • Anything modern, such as X-ray, IVs, blood transfusions, etc

  • Additional Requirements

      - Another Rexal does not need to be depicted.

      - You do not need to depict your Rexal with the same injury they have been assigned.

      - Up to 3 Rex can be healed per submission. The healing must occur within Rexalia and it cannot fail.


      - Canvases should be larger than 500 x 500px OR 600 x 400px.

      - Backgrounds must be full color and meet the 3 Planes OR Elements standard

      - Rexals must be at least 150 x 150px big both horizontally and vertically (this cannot be manipulated - click on text for visual explanation), be fully coloured and show at least 4 body sections.



      - The minimum word count for one Rexal is 400 words

      - Each additional Rex being healed increases the minimum word count by +250. (650 for 2, 900 for 3)

      - Each additional player-owned Rex not being healed increases the word count by +150.

      - Rex being healed should be present for the majority of the story.

      - The plot should center around getting healed/resting/wound care.

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