This marking is very natural for rex and many have it. It's not very special, but many still find it pleasing.


Marking Rarity

Marking Layering

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Marking Edges


Symmetry Rules


  • Laevis is an optional, low-gene free marking that won't appear in the geno. 
  • It can only be applied to Rexals with 3 genes or less, and if used should be listed in the Free Marks Used section during design approval
  • This marking's edges are all uniform, semi-soft edges.
  • Laevis cannot have holes.
  • Laevis cannot be shaped and should have a smooth flow. Edges that are 'chewed' or have hooks, holes or cut-ins are not permitted. 
  • This marking must start from the middle line of the rex and spread outwards.
  • You can only use the colors of the main portion of the slider of your base coat, which is specified in your geno.
  • You cannot use an adjacent slider for this marking! 


Copy paste these images directly into your art program over your design and set them to multiply for the best work effect.
Alternatively you can download the boundary PSDs with the marking boundaries!





Laevis lightens or darkens the underside of a Rexal and must be colorpicked from your main basecoat slider. It should flow naturally and the edge must have a uniform blur intensity. 

Also mind the edges! Laevis can ONLY have semi-soft edges. Which are neither too blended nor too hard edged.

    Armored Laevis PNGs

Feel free to use these for your designs, if they suit your fancy!

    Furred Laevis PNGs

Feel free to use these for your designs, if they suit your fancy!

This basecoat is very light, so the lightest allowable colour is only slightly visible, but you have a lot of darker options to choose from! Remember, you must colour pick Laevis from your main slider.


Laevis cannot use the arcane slider.



Laevis cannot use an adjacent slider.

Laevis can sit underneath Latro.

Laevis cannot have holes or separate patches, it must remain connected down the midline.


Laevis is a free marking that doesn't appear on the genotype. Because of this it cannot become dominant and therefore has no dominant rules.



Player Owned Examples