Import Edits

General Rules for Editing, Head Edit Rules & Throat Armor Edit Rules

  • Never make a rex unrecognizable as a Rexal. The species should clearly be identifiable.
  • These things can never be edited off, away or changed:
    • Apertures (without heavy scarring they don't come off, but they can be redrawn, read below in the Armor section)
    • The throat armor (although the shape of the scales that leave the main portion can be filed down, made rounder and softer or edited in their growth direction, but not made longer, please see guide below)
    • Make sure to read the guide below in the "Throat Armor and Aperture Details" Section. Even though these things are more restricted, you are allowed to edit them in some ways.
  • These things should keep the general shape:
    • Ears
    • Head
    • Paws and the amount of fingers
    • Tail
  • You can:
    • Edit their weight and overall bodyshape, as long as the general anatomy is kept
    • Edit the fur that is there, or cut it shorter
    • Edit the posing, but it will take a significant amount of % (unless Charmed Marble Statue is used), so be careful
  • You can never make something โ€˜growโ€™ with these items. Removing things is fine, but you cannot make fur or scales grow, or give a rex horns or different ears/tail.
  • The overall percentage is around 60%-70% at the discretion of the mods, depending on how recognizable the rexal is as such.

Head Shaping

Rexal Head Shapes

Rexals exhibit a diverse range of head shapes, but it's important to remember a few key guidelines. They should always be distinguishable as Rexals and not be mistaken for a completely different species. Let's explore some examples to illustrate this:

Keep this in mind:

  • Edits should maintain the rex's inherent characteristics. Avoid alterations that make the rex unrecognizable or lose its essential rex-like qualities.
  • You cannot add any growths that are not species specific. Rexals do not have horns, extra eyes or whiskers.
  • Make sure your rex still looks like a rex after you applied the edits. If the moderators feel like a headshot would look like another species or simply not like a rexal any longer, your edits may be denied.
  • While a variety of shapes are available, you should not give them growths such as: Bumps on the tip of their nose, beak-like lips, dinosaur heads, noses that resemble other animals, etc

Examples of what you can do with the various items:

  • Add some tufts of fur or extra scales.
  • Add eye lashes.
  • Add wrinkles, scars, droopy eyelids, let your rex have a forked tongue, flare their nostrils, etc

Oh! What happened? Is this a horse? It could be one, but not a rex!

Someone took the name "Rex" too literal. Funny dinosaur, though not a rexal.

Those lips are very beak-like! This is too much. Same with the bump on the nose. This is simply too much!
Look at this for the maximum amount of what you can do with these edits: Solaris or another drawn example here

This is adorable! Sadly, Rexals aren't able to have snouts this short.

While this looks really cool, there's way too much growth going on!

This rex really wants to be a lizard! Sorry, friend, you are not a reptile.


This is a great example to show an expression on a rexal without changing the overall shape too harshly.

Closing the mouth or the eyes is allowed! Other's will still be able to color pick from the base import linked in the attainment tab of your rexal's profile.

Editing the eyes and the shape of the snout without losing the rex-ness of the species.

This is about the longest a rex snout can grow!

This is about the shortest you can edit the snout.

This is is still a rex! A slight dip where the snout starts is visible, even with the roman nose.



These ears don't look very rex-like do they? They resemble canine ears a tad too much.

This is a bunny disguised as a rexal! Catch the imposter! Rexals cannot have open ears.

While we allow you to make the ears slightly longer, this is by far too much.


Faux Teeth?

Uh oh, something has gone missing. While rex can file the faux teeth down if they want to, they cannot be entirely missing.

These are both acceptable!


Canine Lips?

While allowed in artwork, rexals do not have any lips. We allow minimum lips in edits on the import, but these are simply too much.

These lips are acceptable as edits!

Throat Armor and Aperture Details

Throat Armor and Aperture Details
Throat Armor Boundaries

This boundary image will help you when editing the throat armor of your rex.


  • Throat armor must be edited so that it does not look like the spikes have been growing beyond their natural length. You can see that in the red area.
  • You can make them rounder, softer, spikier, or flip their direction.
  • However, even edited ones should still look like flat protrusions from the armor in a way. They don't need to look like the import ones, but they cannot be shaped in such a way that they look like fur or horns.
  • The yellow area is only editable with a Charmed Medical Kit and should show visible scars when editing off the three platings on the front. You are welcome to remove all of them.
  • You are allowed to edit apertures off if there is heavy scarring involved. There must always be at least 3 apertures visible on the import!

    โ†ช Rexals use their apertures as ways to release magic (and excess magic) from their bodies. Closing of these openings will result in their magic becoming much weaker. Without at least some apertures, they would get sick!

  • You are allowed to redraw the apertures in your style. However, they should remain generally teardrop shaped. They cannot be perfectly round or made into complex shapes.
  • You shouldn't move apertures around on the body. They should still be in their approximate space, even if you repose your rex.


Example Rex

Reposing your Import!

Reposing, editing or otherwise manipulating your import may result in some official wardrobe items not fitting on your rex anymore! Proceed at your own risk.
  • Up to 3 body sections are able to be reposed.
  • Reposing does NOT mean editing! You will need another item to edit the shape or style of the import.
  • Try to get as close to the style of what you are reposing as you can. Tip: Reusing lines that were already there will help you here!
    We know it is difficult to imitate art style, though, we only ask for you to try your best. If the art style varies too much, it will be counted as a body-edit and require multiple items.
  • You are able to repose your import with TWO items:
    • Charmed Marble Statue:
      • Reposing with Charmed Marble Statue will not dock any percentage, however it is only able to repose the import as it is drawn beforehand. Read the item's rules for more clarification!
    • Charmed Marble:
      • Reposing with charmed marble is possible, however it docks a massive amount (~40%) of percentage from your overall edit allowance by default. Only do this if you are sure you really want the repose.
      • The only exception here is the tail, which is able to be reposed by Charmed Marble without any docking of the overall edit allowance.
  • Reposing cannot fully turn around any part of your import, apart from the tail.
  • Things not allowed: Suggestive poses (example), possibly triggering content (ex: self-harm in action, etc), any kind of gestures that have negative real-world meaning (ex: flipping someone off, etc), and similar things. If in doubt, ask a moderator!
  • Poses should make sense! Your rex cannot be floating. They should have steady ground and not suspended in an in-the-moment pose.
  • You cannot slide your import around the canvas.
Reposing of your Import
Posing Guide

Let's look at some examples:


A great example of reposing. The style is still about the same, lineart was reused and the pose makes sense! Mind: Clay was used for the expression here!

Oh! This rex can float its upper body?!


These are not okay!

Turning anything around is not permitted.

Flipping the import cannot be done either.


Nothing can be cut off!

Perspective is not permitted.

Scarring - WORK IN PROGRESS for rules please go here

General Rules for adding scars

  • Scars and amputations must always be drawn on the import as healed. They should not be open wounds, show bone, or be particularly gorey.
  • Scar coloration should follow standard flesh rules or use a flesh color already on your import.
  • Scar coverage amount can be approximated using the Percentage Paint Tool.

Scarification & Branding

  • Scars can be intentionally placed on your Rex provided they adhere to the following:
    • Scars cannot resemble any real world logos.
    • Scars cannot resemble words.
    • Scars cannot resemble imagery that Rexals would not know about. Eg. A kangaroo


  • Amputations cause no effect on gameplay and are purely aesthetic.
  • Fingers and eyes can be amputated with Charmed Bandages. Charmed Medical Kits can amputate the tail, ear, or leg. No other body parts may be amputated, they may only be scarred.
  • Scars must be visible where a body part has been removed.
  • If more than two legs are amputated your Rexal must have a prosthetic limb drawn on the import.
    • Although prosthetics can appear steampunky, they should not appear modern.
    • Prosthetics cannot appear magical unless affected by Charmed Eye of Rex.
    • Prosthetics do not require an item to apply.

Small Scratches

Small Scratches require no item to apply and can be submitted immediately after your base design has been approved.

  • Small Scratches add thin scratch marks to your import.
    • Scratches cannot be longer than a Rexals ear, or thicker than 10px.
    • Scratches follow the same color rules as scars.
    • You can use scratches to make a Rexal blind. You do not need to add a scratch over the eye and can choose to only make the pupil lighter, if you like.
    • When adding scratches you cannot edit any lineart. No exceptions.
    • Scratches cannot cover more than 2% of the import. The below image is an example of maximum coverage.

Small Scars

Small Scars require Charmed Bandages to be applied to your import.

  • Small Scars form when a finger or eye is amputated, or from small injuries, such as cuts.
    • Small scars can vary in length and width, and be as small as scratches if you wish. We suggest keeping under 50px thickness to avoid corrections.
    • When adding small scars you can edit the lineart.
    • The maximum coverage of Small Scars and Small Scratches combined should not exceed 10%. The below image is an example of maximum coverage.
Percentage Tool Usage Example
Moderators will recreate your scarring with a low level of precision, as the tool is just an estimator.
We suggest keeping your edits under 8% for best results - scars can be fun and add character, but your Rexal should not look like it's been through a wood chipper.

Large Scars

Large Scars require a Charmed Medical Kit to be applied to your import.

  • Large Scars form when a limb or ear is amputated, or when a large area of the import is scarred by a burn or other injury.
  • No more than 2 Charmed Medical Kits may be used per Rexal.
  • Scarring over apertures can permanently damage them if you wish.
  • 1 Charmed Medical Kit can do 1 of the following:
    • Amputate 1 leg/arm, leaving a scar behind.
    • Amputate 1 ear, leaving a scar behind.
    • Amputate up to 90% of the tail, leaving a scar behind. example
    • Apply 1 large scar with a maximum coverage of 10%.
    • The above image depicts 2 Charmed Medical Kits. 1 has been used to amputate the left hand, and the other to apply a large scar, rendering 2 apertures unusable.
Combining Scar Types Example
The total scarring from all scar types on your import should not exceed 30%.
Removing limbs or adding large scars will reduce the amount of small scars you can add. If your Rexal has significant scarring we suggest checking with moderators before finalising your edits.
Items & Accessories - WORK IN PROGRESS for rules please go here
Paints - WORK IN PROGRESS for rules please go here