The World Of Rexalia

Not much is known about the olden times. Only that the ancients left them what they had now.

The area, which inhabits the main city Atlas is submerged under the ocean, in one of the trenches of the world called the Posian Trench, protected by a giant half globe made of magic. It is semi transparent, mirroring the sky above the sea, giving the beings inside the sunlight they need. Truly, inside, one could think they are standing on land, with the lush greenery, the mountains that litter the area and the animals that had developed in this environment. This half globe is called the dome and is, in itself, the main home to most rex in the world of Rexalia.

What is known of that, however, might be even less than what is known about their home. When the ancients moved the city and all their children here, much was lost about their world, just like themselves. Many areas were not livable anymore. Consumed by darkness, which is still seen in the distance, should one travel above the surface, like many more are doing these days.

After all, the world is slowly clearing and land masses are able to be stepped on again safely. The critters there are dangerous and many plants are poisonous, but not everything is rotten. The lands are able to be claimed again, once cleared of the left-over magic that still lingers. Some islands near the city are already cleared, giving new hunting grounds and more space for agriculture the rexals are eager to take on. Yet, many travel through the oceans to find more land masses and maybe by luck, something underwater that holds more secrets about their own species.



Known Locations


Rexalia is a world with many different kinds of areas and zones, each seemingly stuck in their own time. Elder rex speculate this is due to to them getting 'frozen' in the fog at different points in history, which begs the question when or how this fog happened in the first place. Some of them seem to be too modern for the time the dome is suspended in and some are way, way in the past. Could it be that the fog consumed the planet not all at once, but gradually? If that is the case, then why is the dome so far behind? Or... did it not happen only once, but multiple times in history and everything repeated itself over and over...? 


This, however, means that often areas are far different from each other. Rex find this confusing at first, but they have an uncanny ability to adapt fast to the environment and time they seem to be stuck in. The zones themselves, though, despite the intervention of rex, don't really seem to move on all that much, even if items get brought into 'older' areas. 


These are the current locations that are known to rexes. As more get discovered, there will be more areas to explore.






Rexalia is the entire world rex live in. Most of it, is covered in dark fog that swallows everything magical in it's wake. This is why rexals, a highly magic dependent species, fled into the deepest of oceans. Even they don't know much about the world above them, so it is hard to say what lays beneath the murkiness.
There are, however, a few places that the fog has given free after such a long time of it laying still. It seems like more and more areas of the world are slowly seeing the sky again. These places are free to be reclaimed.

The Dome

This is the main place rex live. The area that is protected under the magical sky, is a huge one. There's enough room for a big city, several villages and smaller towns, broad forests, lakes, fields, rivers and even a mountain area to the far east.  One bigger river runs through the dome, seeping into the ocean on the far end of the hemisphere. Despite the area being upkept to the best of the resident's abilities, you see old crumbled temples, broken pillars and statues that seem to be much older than the city of Atlas itself.
One cannot just travel the vast space in a single day and if you would walk by foot from one end straight to the other, it would take you at least several days, if not longer. The dome also has weather! Mostly controlled by the elders, to make sure that the plants such as crops and the like, are watered and the lakes keep their level.
If one looks up in the dome, sometimes huge fish and other sea creatures cast shadows through the magic. This is the only reminder that the dome, in fact, is located under the ocean.
It is pretty clear that rexals had been here before the entire area had been moved underwater by forces no one could explain.
Note: The real world time that inspired this location mostly is a mix between ancient greece and rome.
Feel free to let your creativity soar into that direction, as long as you don't include any real myths, since those would not exist in rexalia!



The City of Atlas

Just like the ancient magic that is inscribed into the scrolls of the library, the stone walls in the caves under the city and described in the old songs that are sung each day while working on the fields, this city hums with the energy of the people residing here. A bustling and busy crowd resides here, filling the city's buildings with voices all over. Many of its structures were already here since before the residents can remember, but that doesn't make them any less impressive. The huge temples, big streets and sprawling markets are always welcoming of anyone that wants to join them. 
A big colosseum is here as well, holding games such as the annual olympics and gladiator fights, making it a hot spot for anyone that has a competitive vein. 
Aside from all of these things, rex that have important roles mosty reside here, managing the inner workings of the Dome. Most decisions are made here that affect the area of the Posian trench. Of course, they also try to claim anything beyond, but their reach is not as far as they would like. The Elders also reside here, maintaining their strong grip on the overall world. The entrance to their underground temple is located in Atlas, heavily guarded and in one of the stoas located here.
It is a beautiful city, surrounded by mystery and secrets as the inhabitants try their best to discover more about their past- as if it were a mirror to the world above them. 
Note: The real world cities that inspired this location mostly is a mix between ancient athens and rome.
Feel free to let your creativity soar into that direction, as long as you don't include any real myths, since those would not exist in rexalia!



The Underground Chambers

Far beneath the grounds of the dome, there are chambers that are restricted from the general public. These are older than the dome and hold secrets that only the elders know about.

No one is allowed into this labyrinth like temple, but those that took glimpes say that there seems to be more to it than just old magic and dust. You can hear these halls breathing
Note: This location cannot be explored under normal circumstances and is event locked!




The Posian Trench

The posian trench is the area the dome is located in. It's one of the deepest trenches in the world, however the dome is placed at around halfway down, even though rex can easily traverse much deeper. The sparse sunlight in this area only manages to light up the seafloor so little that without a rex's halo, it is hard for them to navigate.
Despite this, though, from this point downwards, there are more interesting places to discover. Especially underwater caves, many strange animals and, at the very bottom, giant skeletons that look suspiciously like rexes.
Note: Even though real-world trenches are pitch black, in the world of rexalia there's enough spots under the sea that accumulated left-over magic to make plants, animals or even the very sea-floor glow! Feel free to experiment with wild ideas here!



Crimson Cove

This area is a dangerous one! Some rexals that don't want to depend on the dome and it's rulership departed to live on the biggest island in the defogged world. This island inhabits multiple villages and hidden towns. The residents here are rough and unlikely to become one's friend. More often than not, rexals that travel here don't make it home whole and end up wounded, so anyone who dares to traverse here should be careful! 

All that said, this island is a very pretty and mystical one. It's the only place where the giant skeletons that are usually deep below the surface of the ocean are also seen above the icy waters. They still hold the dark fog within their bones, which makes them very dangerous to get close to. Overall, the island is almost surrounded by the myst, which makes it hard to even get here in the first place. 
Rexals that joined the outcasts here often journey via large ships that are built in a different style than the usual ones back at the dome and are more equipped for long distance travel. They will get what they need from the ships that traverse between the posian islands to the medbe desert, more so by thievery than by trade, although the latter isn't unknown. 
Should a rex decide to join the outcasts here, they are still connected to the elders, however they willingly decided to act against their will, making them unwelcome back home. 
Note: This is currently the most 'modern' location in the world of rexalia. You will be able to see and collect things here that are not available anywhere else. 

This location is mostly inspired by pirate havens in the golden age of piracy. You are free to experiment with that time here and even have your rex join the outcasts in your own lore, but you will still have to adhere to the activity rules should you decide to draw your rex somewhere else. How you solve this is up to you! 




Player Choice Locations

Various Smaller Islands

Near the posian trench are several rather small islands that are consumed by wildlife. These were the first ones that cleared of fog, which means rex had ample opportunity to inhabit them again. They have a rather tropical climate, although to what extend differs depending on their geographical location near the warm water current. Rex are known to traverse to these tiny land masses to have secondary homes or even just to watch the actual sky for once. 

That said, these islands are rather devoid of any valuable loot and at most, one finds some herbs and roots to cook.
Note: These islands aren't used in any activity, but they are yours to traverse to. Many smaller islands means that you could integrate them in your lore, if you want.