On Site Tracker Guide

And how to make it work.

Explanation of Fields

This is called an MPLOG Card. Each count needs it's own card to be counted to the total. This means MP sheets and the like, need multiple cards.

This is the ID of the specifc counter card. They are not specific to your rex, but to the whole game, which makes them unable to be mistaken for another one when talking about specific cards with mods!

Made a mistake? No worries. You can either click delete to delete the whole card, or edit the card by hand. This will not give you the convenience of the MPcounter, though and you have to manually edit. 


When done, click Update to save your changes!

These two tags indicate if an MP moderator went over the count to lock your MP in. 

If approved the Update button will vanish for you! 

You can still delete the tracker card, should something happen to the link or with the art, but it will be subtracted from the MP total again and has to be recounted the next time a mod looks it over. 




How to Submit MPLOG-Cards

Go to the MPcounter and fill it out.



You will see a field that lists all your personal rex

Choose the one you want to submit MP for. Remember that each rex needs their own MP counted seperately. This means you cannot choose multiple rex, but will have to submit a link multiple times if the art contains more than one rex.

Put the link for the art in the URL, select the "Just MP" option in the "submit as" dropdown menu, (or "Activity" if it's an activity) and click submit! The card will appear on the rexal's MP tracker after doing so.

The URL in the field will NOT be deleted after you submitted. This is useful for MP-Sheets or Comic Panels. Make sure that you change the URL yourself if you want to submit a new piece of art.




Getting your MPLOG-Cards approved


Once you have submitted the card, you have nothing else to do, but wait! Our busy-bee admins clear the website's queue, and once they get to your card, it will get approved by them! Make sure that you do not submit an image twice into the queue!