Rex who are born with this marking are said to have lived a very tragic previous life. Because of this, other rexs will sometimes shower these souls with extra love to help them avoid befalling the same fate.


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Symmetry Rules


  • Although technically an apex marking, fade should be below all white markings.
  • This marking adds a grey patches on the Rexal's body, as if the coat colors faded out. 
  • You can also desaturate your design with a layer effect in the spot that the fade is
  • The marking may only cover up to 30% of a rexs body OR affect up to 3 markings!
  • If used as modifier no more than three marking can be affected unless Fade is dom.
  • Any area that is affected by fade must have a saturation of 0-8, no more. 

  • Special interaction! This color mod can additionally color the entire rexal's skin. This includes the pink sheen layer.
    If you want to affect the skin and want the pink sheen layer enabled, it must be the same color as the flesh layer.
    It does not have to be the same color as the marking you chose to color (if any),
    however, you must choose a color from the same slider.


Copy paste these images directly into your art program over your design and set them to multiply for the best work effect.
Alternatively you can download the boundary PSDs with the marking boundaries!

There are no Boundaries for this marking. There are no Boundaries for this marking.


Fade can create gentle gray patches on a rexal's coat that look like natural fading of pigment in animals. Alternatively, it can serve as a modifier that completely desaturates one-three markings. Remember that you must select one of these options and cannot use both simultaneously.


Here is our example design. No fade is showing yet. Now you have multiple choices to make fade visible.



Now let's first look at the natural fade option:


There's a few things to always keep in mind when designing this option:




Nice! Now let's look at the modifier option:


This one is very straight forward. Color the entire marking in gray.
Remember that it should not read as either black or white, but gray if you want the marking to be visible. If you do not do this, fade will appear to be carried, which in the case you want other markings to be carried, you won't be able to, since you are restricted to only ONE carried marking per geno.




When Fade is dominant, it is able to turn the entire design in different shades of gray. Remember that the normal color rules of lighter and darker still apply!

Fade and Special Interactions with other Markings

There are certain markings that are able to override fade and change the saturation permissions of said marking AND fade. Even in dom state, these markings MUST always show some form of saturation!

They are also allowed to show 100% of their saturation if you want them to. 

These markings are the following:

Markings affected by Arcane
Optionally affected: Coating


For example if you have dom fade and leid in your geno, leid will always show its colors somewhat. This is an example: 

Player Owned Examples