Drudgery is an activity where your Rex interacts with Rexal society. It does not need to be a bustling city centre but there must be clear evidence of Rexal habitation - even a regional farm will have artificial creations such as fences, roads, troughs, tools, and/or plantations!

Your Rex must be interacting with someone or something. This could be an object like a broom or hammer, or an animal like a wolf or deer. Your Rexal can be interacting with another Rexal in an educational or caregiving role provided the other Rex is not being rolled for the drudgery as well. For convenience we will term these "tools".


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Drudgery must depict your Rexal interacting with someone or something in a settlement!
Drudgery โœ”๏ธ
  • Buying, selling, or transport of wares, food, animals, etc.
  • Agricultural tasks.
  • Domestic chores.
  • Artisan trades.
  • Education or caregiving duties.
  • Not Drudgery โŒ
  • Going into the wilds to hunt, fish, or forage.
  • Travelling between towns.
  • Diving or swimming.
  • Scouting or exploring.
  • Sleeping, walking or doing nothing.
  • Talking to other Rex.

  • Additional Requirements

      - Drudgery must be depicted in a settlement in the chosen Location.

      - Each rexal being rolled should be utilizing a "tool" in some way.


      - Canvases should be larger than 500 x 500px OR 600 x 400px.

      - Backgrounds must be full color and meet the 3 Planes OR Elements standard

      - Rexals must be at least 150 x 150px big both horizontally and vertically (this cannot be manipulated - click on text for visual explanation), be fully coloured and show at least 5 body sections.



      - The minimum word count for one Rexal is 600 words

      - Each additional rolled Rex increases the minimum word count by +300. (900 for 2, 1200 for 3)

      - Each additional unrolled player-owned Rex increases the word count by +200.

      - Rex being rolled should be present for the majority of the story.

      - The plot should center around the drudgery task, with at least 70% of your total word count being 'On Task,' that is:

      • - Accepting the job/being asked to do the task.

      • - Preparing for/discussing the task.

      • - Completing/attempting the task.

      • - Packing up after the task.

      • - Journey to/from the task.

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    Available Locations

    Additional Locations will be unlocked as as they are discovered in the lore.

    The Dome

    • The Dome is a safe location and your Rex cannot be injured while completing ARs here.
    • Any Rex may complete ARs in the Dome regardless of Magic Rank.
    • Drudgert in the dome should be around ancient greek/roman styled civilization.
    • The following items can be found via Drudgery in the Dome:  ITEM LIST

    Quick Environment Cheatsheet

    The dome is based off of 300 bce greece. Check this pinterest board for inspiration:

    Dome Drudgey Inspiration Board

    The Posian Islands

    • The Posian Islands are a safe location and your Rex cannot be injured while completing ARs here.
    • Any Rex may complete ARs on the islands regardless of Magic Rank.
    • Drudgery on the islands should be around the 1600-1700 styled towns/cities of England.
    • The following items can be found via Drudgery on the islands: ITEM LIST

    Quick Environment Cheatsheet

    The Posian Islands are based off of 1600-1700 England. Check this pinterest board for inspiration:

    Posian Island Inspiration Board