Deep Diving


Though Rex are naturally capable swimmers, they cannot hold their breath for more than 30 minutes without practice. Most Rex lack the need or desire to hone their diving skills, with the large majority of the Dome's residents unable to travel to the surface without aid.

In rare cases a Rex will be born with a natural affinity for the water, however most start with a Diving Level of 1.


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Your Rexal must have reached Regal III before they can participate in this activity!
Deep Diving โœ”๏ธ
  • Swimming or walking on the ocean floor.
  • Very dark ocean that requires navigating via halo-light.
  • Exploring ruins/shipwrecks/caves.
  • Not Deep Diving โŒ
  • Diving from the surface to the Dome, or visa versa.
  • Diving in shallow water.
  • Preparing to dive.

  • Additional Requirements

      - Only real-world 300BC Earth creatures are 'canon'. Sea monsters/dinosaurs are not, but you can depict them if you wish.

      - Deep Diving happens 20 000+ ft in the ocean. It takes several hours to reach the surface. There should be no depictions of boats, sunrays, or other things that suggest the surface is close by. (Sunken boats are fine)


      - Canvases should be larger than 500 x 500px OR 600 x 400px.

      - Backgrounds must be full color and meet the 3 Planes OR Elements standard

      - Rexals must be at least 150 x 150px big both horizontally and vertically (this cannot be manipulated - click on text for visual explanation), be fully coloured, and show at least 5 body sections.

      - Unrolled mentors must show 3 body sections. Rolled mentors must show 5 body sections.



      - The minimum word count for one Rexal is 600 words

      - Each additional rolled Rex increases the minimum word count by +300. (900 for 2, 1200 for 3)

      - Each additional unrolled player-owned Rex increases the word count by +200.

      - Each additional unrolled diving mentor increases the word count by +150. This overrides the previous rule.

      - Rex being rolled and mentors should be present for the majority of the story.

      - The plot should center around the dive, with at least 70% of your total word count taking place in the water.

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    Unlike other activities which utilise your Rexal's Magic Rank, Deep Diving uses their Diving Rank. For each diving artwork that is rolled for loot and awarded MP for your Rex, your Diving Rank will increase by +1.


    Diving Level 1

    0-5 images

    Can find 2 normal diving items.

    Diving Level 2

    6-13 images

    Can find 2-3 normal diving items.

    Diving Level 3

    14-24 images

    Can find 2-4 normal diving items.

    Diving Level 4

    25-40 images

    Can find 2-5 normal and rare diving items.

    Diving Level 5

    41-โˆž images

    Additional loot can now be found:
    Charmed Ribbon, Charmed Collar, Charmed Pyxis, Charmed Clay



    Mentor Mechanic


    Diving is inherently dangerous, so beginners are encouraged to practice with an experienced Rexal who can support their magic with their own. 

    Depicting a Rexal NOT owned by you that has a higher Diving Level than your own rexal's allows your Rex to receive the loot table of the next higher level than their own. The mentor can not only be another member owned rexal, but a group-owned NPC as well. Elders or your other Rex are not permitted to mentor your own Rexals.

    • This mechanic requires a 1 to 1 ratio. One higher ranked Rex per lower ranked Rex.
    • The mentoring Rex only has to show 3 body sections or +150 words if they are not being rolled for loot. If you intend for them to get loot as well, additional rules apply, which you may find further below.
    • Please clearly list in the activity submission form, or in your art's description if you are using a mentor, as well as the rexal who is being mentored.


    Want the mentor to get rolled for loot too? They can under the following conditions:

    • To get rolled the mentor must show 5 body sections or +300 words!
    • The mentoring rexal must be owned by another member.
    • Like other ARs the owner of each Rex must submit the art via the MP counter to claim their loot.




    This purple Rexal is owned by player 1.
    They have a Diving Level of 1.


    The purple Rexal will be rolled for loot with a Diving Level of 1.

    This yellow Rexal is owned by player 2. 
    They have a Diving Level of 2 so they can mentor player 1's Rexal, boosting their Diving Level to 2. 


    The purple Rexal will be rolled for loot with a Diving Level of 2.

    The yellow Rexal is ineligible for loot as only 3 body sections are showing.


    This blue Rexal is owned by player 2. 
    It cannot be mentored because: 

    -It is owned by the same player as the mentor (player 2)
    -The mentor is already helping the purple Rexal, and they cannot mentor more than 1 at a time.


    The blue Rexal will be rolled for loot with a Diving Level 1.

    The purple Rexal will be rolled for loot with a Diving Level of 2.

    The yellow Rexal is ineligible for loot as only 3 body sections are showing.

    The yellow Rexal is now showing 5 body sections and is eligible to receive loot. It can continue to mentor the purple Rexal.


    The purple Rexal will be rolled for loot with a Diving Level of 2.

    The yellow Rexal will be rolled for loot with a Diving Level 2.

    The blue Rexal will be rolled for loot with a Diving Level of 1.

    Available Locations

    Additional Locations will be unlocked as as they are discovered in the lore.

    Posian Trench


    This includes the deeper parts of the trench, where glowing giant bones are located on the bottom and embedded in the trench's walls.


    The Trench has many levels that lead down deeper into pitch black waters. You can find many things here that are related to the deep sea and sometimes even treasures that you can bring home for inspection. However, swimming takes time and you only have so much air in your lungs. For that, you will have to use magic or let someone else help you with theirs. 


    Quick Location Info & Rules

    • The trench is wide and deep. Sunken ships of all sizes can be found, along with a variety of sea life.
    • The bones that glow in the depth are often covered in glowing crystals. You can touch them, but it's not advised!
    • It's not uncommon to find sunken structures and ruins. Weirdly shapen pyramids, strange temples, harsh cut shafts that look like they came from heavy machinery and so on. 
    • Remember that even if this is underwater, there should always be enough elements in your art for it to count!