Event: Your Place Reflects Your Soul

Your Place reflects your Soul


Draw or write about your Rexal inviting someone into their home for a warm beverage. It might be a customer, a friend, or another Rexal who needed help.

Everyone has a place they call home, and this is the place you must showcase for this event. Show us the inside of your rexal's home! If your rexal is a wanderer, was there ever a place they felt at home? A tavern or maybe their favorite shop? We want to see two rexals interacting inside a home, theirs or someone else's.



    - At least 2 Rexals must be present. They can both be owned by you, or one can be an NPC, or owned by another player.

    - The inside of a residence should feature prominently in your drawing, or be richly described in your writing.

    - If your Rexal does not have a home, they can visit someone who does. You may collaborate with another player to achieve this if you wish.

    - Whilst some Rex may feel at home in random spots in nature, for this event we want to see you draw or describe a home that has been built.

    - This event is lore complaint! It must take place within the world of Rexalia! Non-Rexalia characters are not permitted.

    - You may commission another artist to make your event entry.

    - To claim the reward you must submit the entry to this journal yourself.

    - If an entry features more than 2 player's rexals, the description must mention who is eligible to use the piece for reward claiming.

    - Each entry may be submitted for reward claiming by a maximum of 2 players. A Rexal owned by each player must feature in the artwork and meet the minimum requirements listed below.

Image Requirements
  • Canvases should be at least 500 x 500px
  • Backgrounds must be full color and meet the 3 Planes OR Elements standard
  • Two (2) Rexals must be at least 150 x 150px, full colour and show 5 body sections.
  • The inside of a Rexal-built residence should feature prominently as the background of your scene.
  • Architecture should reflect one of Rexalia's locations, namely The Dome, The Posian Islands, or The Crimson Cove
  • Literature Requirements
  • The minimum word count for a story featuring two (2) rex is 1000 words
  • Each additional player-owned Rex increases the total minimum word count required by +200.
  • Two (2) Rex should be present for the majority of the story.
  • The plot should focus on the residence, with at least 70% of your story occuring within a building.

  • Stuck? Consider some of these prompts.

      Remember, this event is about showcasing a Rexal's residence. Your artwork should focus heavily on the building and the contents of the home. What does it reveal about the way the owner lives? Consider how the guest feels about the home they are visiting:

      - Does it remind the guest of the home they grew up in? Are they appalled or amazed by the way this family lives? How does it compare to their own experience? Do they accidentally commit a faux pas?

      - Are there any items of note in the home that the guest is drawn to ask the owner about? Does the artwork on the wall showcase the owner's wealth, or perhaps it's a family heirloom.

      - Is the house well-built and insulated from weather, or do the residents have to rely on their magic or a central fire to keep warm? Is it comfortable for the guest? Do they have somewhere to sit?

      - Is the owner proud of the beverage they have served to the guest, or is it little more than hot water?

      - Does the house combine elements of both Dome and Posian Islands architecture? Perhaps it gives a clue to the heritage of the owner, or maybe it's been shabbily repaired with whatever materials they have available?

      - Does the house also serve as a business or maybe a workshop for the owner?

      - Do many different families live here? Do they share the space with animals?

      - Is the home lavishly decorated with textiles or is it a simple, but functional, residence?

    Click here for Art Requirements and Examples


    Click here for General Submission Rules



    This event will give you the achievement Shared Tea (Which will grant you 1x Herbal Tea and 500 dracm) and a random Common Crystal Shard.

    You may only earn this reward once, regardless of how many entries your Rex feature in.

    Each Rexal who meets the minimum requiremenets will be eligible for the +5MP Event/Quest bonus.


    This event begins in June and runs until the 31st August 2024.

    Rexal 1: (link to the rexalia.world import)
    Rexal 2: (link to the rexalia.world import)
    Entry: (link your image/literature)

    For this event your entries do not need to be hosted on dA if they only include 2 Rexals. Otherwise, please ensure you link all Rex in the description of your artwork and in the case of more than 2 owners, state who can use the entry to claim the rewards.

    Hey, stop!

    Want a little goodie for pride month? Fetch it

    Rexal 1: 996 Dionysus
    Rexal 2: 806 Kalingam
    Entry: A Cozy Drink
    A collab between @harowaja and I!

    When leaving Kalingam's home, Dionysus is sent off with a warm cup of tea that can now be found in your achievements. Additionally, underneath the cozy couch, he spies a Common Crystal Shard Deposit that he took with him! Your common crystal shard can be randomly rolled with the "Use" button.

    Comitatus and Lapis brewed a bit too much tea for two rexals alone, an extra cup has found its way into your achievements! Additionally, it looks like a Common Crystal Shard Deposit slipped into Comit's fruit bowl at some point in time! Your common crystal shard can be randomly rolled with the "Use" button.

    A warm tea brewed that would pair quite nicely with cheese and sausages has been added to your achievements. Additionally, somehow a  Common Crystal Shard Deposit has found its way into Ekara's gift basket?! Your common crystal shard can be randomly rolled with the "Use" button!

    The tea these two shared in Rowan's cozy home can now be found in your achievements! Strangely, when they get up, Persica finds a Common Crystal Shard Deposit underneath her seat. Your common crystal shard can be randomly rolled with the "Use" button!

    After a stunning afternoon of good company and even better tea, you not only have a token to remember the occassion by in your achievements, but Aethre has also strangely found a Common Crystal Shard Deposit underneath one of her throw pillows! How did that get there? In any case, your common crystal shard can be randomly rolled with the "Use" button!