Rex with this marking are said to be childish and immature, especially in their humor. Unfortunately, almost every rex knows another with this marking which is rather stern...


Marking Rarity

Marking Layering

Marking Colors

Border and Backdrop




Marking Edges



Symmetry Rules


  • Squall should be overall symmetrical, even if not perfectly so.
  • Squall's stripes are lighter than the base coat, while the other parts of the marking are darker.
  • Squall can consist of only the lighter stripes if you prefer.
  • The stripes have to always run along the design (horizontal).
  • The optional gradient should sit directly beneath the stripes, other markings should not sit in between!
  • The optional gradient should be darker and slightly transparent, but never too dark. It should be just about a tad darker than whatever sits beneath!


Copy paste these images directly into your art program over your design and set them to multiply for the best work effect.
Alternatively you can download the boundary PSDs with the marking boundaries!





The marking named "Squall" manifests in three potential elements: horizontal stripes, a soft, translucent backdrop, and a darker outline encircling the stripes. Each element enhances the characteristic appeal of this marking, giving it a distinct feel.

While the presence of the soft backdrop and the dark border are now optional, the stripes remain mandatory. Notably, these stripes always run horizontally, never vertically, emphasizing the structure and flow of the Rexal's form.
Here's a few things to watch out for!
When dominant the boundaries of squall allow you to put the marking on the rexal's legs as well!

Player Owned Examples