A soft underside to a rex's coat is common sight. Legend says it marks the first waters to touch a rex's body and wash their colors away. Of course, this is just a tale the elders spin for the little ones... or is it?


Marking Rarity



Marking Layering

Marking Colors



Marking Edges

Symmetry Rules


  • Pangare must be one solid marking. It cannot have breaks or holes.
  • This marking's edges are soft.
  • However, pangare can fill the entire throat armor—no soft edges required!
  • Pangare has to be blended enough to appear soft.
     โ†ณ It cannot have any texture and must run into the base coat seamlessly.
  • Pangare is allowed to sometimes dip into semi-soft edging, especially in places that are tight, such as under the armpits.
    This should be the exception, though and never should look too hard edged zoomed out. 
  • The majority of this marking’s edges should be blended, you may be pinged if your pangare looks like semi-soft unders.
  • As long as the coverage of the marking is a similar size to the minimum range,
    it can travel within the boundary area, but should still connect to the minimum coverage area somewhere.
  • This marking must start from the middle line of the rex and spread outwards.


Copy paste these images directly into your art program over your design and set them to multiplay for the best work effect.
Alternatively you can download the boundary PSDs with the marking boundaries!





Pangare is a soft marking on the underside of the rexal.

Pangare is able to have slight variation in it's edges. You don't have to do all edges fully blended, since an animal has tighter edges and corners, however, be very careful with that. It's edges should always look soft (bar the throat armor, which is allowed to have a hard edge on it's borders).

    Armored Pangare PNGs

Feel free to use these for your designs, if they suit your fancy!

    Furred Pangare PNGs

Feel free to use these for your designs, if they suit your fancy!

Here we see an example of edges that may seem soft zoomed in but rather semi-soft zoomed out. This would definitely get declined. 

The Softness Guide

This is a guide for all kinds of markings tha thave the "Soft" Edge Rule. 

They should ideally show a gradual and smooth transition into the base coat, avoiding any sharp or semi-soft edges. This can be achieved using a larger brush size to ensure a better blend, rather than a small one which may result in suboptimal blending. The edges need to be distinct, but well-integrated into the base coat or what sits below. Designs with overly hard, semi-soft, or so much blended that the marking's boundaries become indistinguishable, will not be accepted.

Layering Change

Pangare will also extend it's boundary when dominant.

Player Owned Examples