Having one's throat armor highlighted even just a little makes it a looker. Rex are often proud of this little variation of their armor from the rest of their coat color.


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  • Latro is an optional, free marking that won't appear in the geno. 
  • It can be applied to any Rex and if used should be listed in the Free Marks Used section during design approval. 
  • Latro only affects the throat armor. 
  • This marking should cover the entire throat armor.
  • You can only use the colors of the main portion of the slider of your base coat, which is specified in your geno.
  • You cannot use an adjacent slider for this marking!


Copy paste these images directly into your art program over your design and set them to multiply for the best work effect.
Alternatively you can download the boundary PSDs with the marking boundaries!





Latro covers the entire throat armor of the rex. It should be one solid colour (nuances allowed) and sit above the Free Gradient. Latro's colour must be chosen from the main portion of your basecoat slider.
Latro can be color picked from the main portion of your basecoat slider!
Latro cannot use the Arcane section of your basecoat slider slider. Latro cannot use the Somber section of your basecoat slider.
Latro cannot be derived from the basecoat. It must be color picked from your main basecoat slider. Latro cannot use an adjacent slider.

Latro can have nuances! Latro cannot have a gradient unless it would be counted under nuances. Latro cannot fade into the basecoat.


Latro is a free marking that doesn't appear on the genotype. Because of this it cannot become dominant and therefore has no dominant rules.


Player Owned Examples