There's an old belief that wherever the marking that frontier outlines is a body area that is prone to injury. And since this marking often shows on the marking throw, especially older rex complain about it being a foretelling of back pain.


Marking Rarity


Marking Layering

Marking Colors


Color showing anywhere on the coat.

Marking Edges

Symmetry Rules


  • Frontier outlines one marking of your choice as long as the marking is hard edged!
  • Frontier can be darker or lighter than the base coat. OR a color that is present somewhere on the coat. This includes fisher's blush, pigment and arcane.
  • Frontier's thickness can vary.
  • You are allowed to omit some lines from the marking should the necessity be there
    (Other markings sitting on top, body proportions, the marking gets hidden by a gradient, etc)
  • Mind places where lines overlap! 
  • Frontier should never come off as another marking that lays beneath the one you are putting frontier around! Don't make it too thick!
  • If frontier ends up obscuring other markings, you may get asked to clean it up a bit or put it on another marking.
    Make sure it clearly shows as a line around a marking and never otherwise!


Check the thickness allowance in the explanation tab!

Frontier is a modifier that puts a line around a hard-edged marking of your choice. You are allowed to make some parts of it thicker than others, but try not to overdo it so that it looks like there is simply another marking laying underneath the one you apply frontier on. 

Look at the example at the end of this page to see what the maximum thickness is.

Frontier Allowances

A somewhat textured edge is allowed! Smooth edges are also allowed. Be careful so it does not look mottled. There should be no holes in the edge. Frontier needs to be around the entire marking unless a body part interferes with it.


Color Allowance

Frontier has the ability to have any color of the coat. If the color is in your coat, you are able to use it. Even if it's the arcane color. A great way to show this is the use of fisher's blush



What about arcane, then?

Arcane and Frontier have a rather neat, unique interaction. Should arcane be present, whatever the arcane's color, can be worked into frontier in soft gradients. Make these bold and easily visible, so they do not ever resemble varnish.



What do you mean by minding where places overlap?

When working with frontier you should always mind where limbs overlap the marking. Think logically where frontier would really show.



How thick can it get?

Most of frontier here is the maximum tickness it can get, however look at the thigh if you want to see an example of where it hits the treshhold. This is too thick.
When dominant Frontier can present on two markings.

Player Owned Examples