Rex claim that those who bear this marking show remarkable insight due to its eye-like appearance. However, one should always remember that patterns on a coat are no substitute for real wisdom...


Marking Rarity



Marking Layering

Marking Colors




Marking Edges


Symmetry Rules


  • Bullseye must show up at least twice. This can be anywhere on the body.
  • Two or three rings per bullseye.
  • Bullseye doesn't have to be perfectly round but it should still resemble a circle.
  • Bullseye can flip colors if it's partially above the maverick marking directly adjacent to the base coat.
    Check the Explanation tab.
  • Alternatively, Bullseye can present as Rosette markings. However, these two styles cannot be mixed and matched! You must pick one or the other.


Copy paste these images directly into your art program over your design and set them to multiply for the best work effect.
Alternatively you can download the boundary PSDs with the marking boundaries!






Bullseye appears as "round eyes" on a rex's coat. Each bullseye has two to three rings, but the innermost one can be a simple dot.
If presenting as rosette, it will show as a broken ring, similar to jaguar markings. A dot within the rosette is optional but not required. 


Bullseye can use different line thickness throughout the design.


An example of bullseye presenting as rosette.
Bullseye is able to fade on it's very edges.

Bullseye cannot have corners and must resemble a circle or distorted circle.


Bullseye cannot be this small.


Bullseye cannot be this big.


Bullseye cannot have more than 3 rings in non-dominant form.


Color Flip Special Effect

Where Bullseye intersects the bottom-most hard-edged maverick marking, it can flip colours with the basecoat. This cannot be used with the rosettes presentation of this marking.


Bullseye gets the basecoat color where it overlaps with throw.



Bullseye cannot use this special rule on two markings, only a marking and the basecoat.



This is an example of Bullseye affected by Arcane using the color flip ability.




In Dominant form, Bullseye can have up to five rings and can have a 'base'. Some of the rings can contain a different hue.
Dominant Bullseye presenting as rosettes is allowed to have an inner filling backing. This filling color must be a value in-between the rosette color and whatever color it sits over.
Dominant Bullseye in its rosette expression. Mind the max of two hues for the inner filling! Bullseye in it's dom form is also able to fade.
Dom Rosette Bullseye Faded Simple Dom Example - Filling and extra spots in the middle can be applied!


Dominant Bullseye can now have a 'base' color.



Dominant Bullseye can have up to five rings with different hues.



Dominant Bullseye with Arcane can color the base.



Dominant Bullseye with a 'base' cannot use the color flip ability.

An example of dominant Bullseye presenting as rosettes.


Player Owned Examples