Coming of Age Ceremony


Every rex has to go through this ceremony when their throat armor develops fully. This indicates that they have finished growing and are now ready to take on life as an adult. From that moment on, they are able to get mates, work towards other goals and take part of any and all activities that are reserved for more mature rex!


Everyone's coming of age ceremony is a little different. The memories you gain will stick with you forever. Choose wisely which one you want to do and put in your best effort to walk tall in your future endeavours. Any rexal that does the CoAC is viewed as an adult, despite what your own lore of them says. Rexals depicted in CoAC must be fully grown unless it's a memory prompt, but outside of that, you are free to depict your rex with any age.




  • This activity is lore compliant! Your CoAC must take place within the world of Rexalia. Non-Rexalia characters are not permitted.
  • Comics are permitted, but must still meet all art requirements.
  • Only the Rexal being 'ascended' is eligible for +4 Ascensions MP bonus.
  • Only ONE rexal can complete their CoAC per submission.
  • Currently submissions must be posted on deviantART. This is due to tracking purposes.
  • Your Rex must have 50 MP confirmed before they can attempt their CoAC.



- The minimum size is 500x500px 

- Backgrounds must be full color (greyscale allowed) and meet the 3 Planes OR Elements standard

- Rexals must be at least 150x150px, full colour (greyscale allowed), shaded and show 5 body sections



- The minimum word count for one Rexal is 700 words

- Each additional player-owned Rex increases the minimum word count by +400. 

- Rexals should be present for the majority of the story. 

- The plot should center around the CoAC prompt.



Prompt Options


Darkness Awaits
      Location Specific: The Dome (Posian Trench) 

Even those that fear nothing, fear the unknown. You will have to prove that you can work even through your fear and keep a levelheaded pace. To prove this, you must swim to the bottom of the posian trench for the first time in your life, a deep dark hole that is said to lead straight into the underworld. Yet, for generations rex traversed down into the darkness, picking up old artifacts that have fallen down there over time. A shard of pottery perhaps, some old wood from a long lost ship or maybe an animal no one has ever seen before? The possibilities are endless, you just have to go down and find them. 
The way to the deepest part of the Posian Trench may be pitch black, however, on it's bottom, there is a glowing haven of wonders. Many mystical deep sea plants and animals inhabit this area. 

Depict or write about your rex exploring the lit up part of the trench!

Offerings To The Ancients
      Location Specific: The Dome 

Hunts may be often and regularly done, but this one will be special. You will have to hunt down your very own offering to the Ancients, which will be given to the Elders to deliver it for you. Stalking such an animal can take from several hours to days. It's a long, tiring process, but if you are persistent and careful, you will be able to take it down and get out unscathed. 
 The animals you hunt are adult stags and big boars. They are not easy foes, be careful!

Depict or write about your rex stalking, hunting or taking down either an adult stag or a big boar!

Artistry For The Sky

Examples of exemplary artisans can be found throughout the world of Rexalia, with even just the markets of Atlas being home to a myriad of fine paintings, sculptures, jewelry, woodwork, and metalcraft alike. While taking up the craftsman's mantle may seem easy compared to the toil of the farmhand, the path for creation isn't so simple, or any less work. Afterall, the finest wares were not simply made by hand and will alone, they started as the finest materials, collected tirelessly from either the calm wilds of the Dome or the unknown frontiers of the Posian Islands. It can be troublesome to venture into the unknown to collect the needed supplies, but the passion for your chosen craft makes it well worth the effort. Materials such as wood, clay, and stone are easy to find, but a feat to transport, whereas gemstones and pigments are easy to carry, but may take days of searching to find. 
Your Rex may have to venture into perilous terrain such as river banks, canyons or gullies in order to find what they need! 

Depict or write about your Rex collecting supplies for an artistic endeavour!

An Open Heart For Those In Need

Sometimes when things are aligned in a way that you have to step in to help someone, it is a chance to prove yourself ready to be an adult as well! 
The situation you are going for should be dire and should need quick thinking! Examples: Finding a young rex alone in the woods about to be attacked by boars, helping a rex in the ocean to get home before their breathing spell stops working, etc

Depict or write about your rex helping another living being in a tricky situation!

Treasure Hunters
      Location Specific: Posian Islands 

Exciting treasures can be found in many odd corners by those with the heart to seek them out. To prove your mettle, search high and low to find something interesting to bring home. You might need to navigate dangerous riptides and tricky currents to explore majestic stone arches for lost baubles. Perhaps you will have to decide how to deal with a menacing shark blocking your way, or scale a cliff to retrieve a shining piece of glass wedged among the rocks. 
Not all treasures must be valuable. What can you find in the shallows and cliffs around the islands?

Depict or write about your Rex hunting for a shiny prize to bring home!

Mind the Gap
      Location Specific: Posian Islands 

The Posian Isles are an archipelago, but the waters that course between them are far from tame. There's as many reasons not to try and swim from island to island as there are boats in the Posian Isles. But many youth consider it a rite of passage into adulthood to swim across the channels between the islands, fighting the swift currents and hopefully not encountering some of the more aggressive local aquatic wildlife. 
Sharks, seals, walruses and whales frequent the churning waters between the isles looking for food, and dangerous undertows threaten to pull rexals under at any time.

Depict or write about your rex swimming across the channel between Posian Islands!

Cold From The Sky
      Memory Prompt 
      Location Specific: The Dome 

Encountering snow for the first time is always memorable. When the Elders decide it's wintertime, the white flakes will fall from the magical sky to cover the fields and forests in a thick blanket of snow. Not everyone is a fan, though.
 Most rex are born in the spring or summertime, but perhaps your rex was a winter baby?

Depict or write about your rex encountering snow for the first time!

Love Can Be The First Bite
      Memory Prompt 

The first time you sampled this food, you knew it was the one... or perhaps it wasn't love at first bite? What's your favorite dish and how did you come to enjoy it so much? 
 This can be any dish fitting into the lore (no cheeseburgers, however sad that is indeed...).

Depict or write about your rex trying their favorite food for the first time!

When the Fleet Comes to Port
      Memory Prompt 
      Location Specific: Posian Islands 

Its not often the entire Posian Naval Fleet comes into the harbor, as they are usually busy escorting trade ships and hunting pirates. But on rare occasions, the Admiral calls all their ships to port, and its typically a great celebration across the Isles when it occurs. Old friends catch up and loved ones are reunited with family, while new friends (or enemies) are also made. 
 Such an monumental event usually leaves a long-lasting impression on a young rexal!

Depict your rexal's first time celebrating this grand occassion!