Rexes with accents may have been a bit too nosy in a past life, but that's just a tall tale to most. Whether it's true or not, accents are a fun and unique addition to any rex!


Marking Rarity

Marking Layering

Marking Colors

Marking Edges

Symmetry Rules


  • Accents is an optional, free marking that won't appear in the geno. 
  • It can be applied to any Rex and if used should be listed in the Free Marks Used section during design approval. 
  • Accents can be asymmetrical or symmetrical!
  • 100% of the indicated boundary can be covered.
  • Accents can have holes and mixed edge types.
  • This marking can utilise 2 colors, one darker than the base, and one lighter.
  • Accents can fade out but must be 100% opacity at the start of the gradient. 
  • Accents cannot be so small that it cannot be colour picked. 
  • Excessively complex accents are at risk of being denied.
  • White markings must always appear to be lighter than the rest of the design regardless of slider colors!
  • Black markings must always appear to be darker than the rest of the design regardless of slider colors!

  • Arcane: Arcane can affect this free marking if you choose. It can replace both the lighter and the darker layer. Affecting Accents will count as your 1 marking for arcane, you cannot use arcane on accents and another marking as well.   

  • How To Handle White Markings


Copy paste these images directly into your art program over your design and set them to multiply for the best work effect.
Alternatively you can download the boundary PSDs with the marking boundaries!





Accents are a way to make your design really pop. The best way to approach them is to look for a real life animal for inspiration. Too complicated or unnatural designs will get sent to corrections. Note that you are not allowed to have recognizable symbols (other than basic hearts, moons, stars, like in horses)


Accents consist of a maximum of two (2) colors. A color from the basecoat slider that is darker than the basecoat, or black, and a color from the basecoat slider that is lighter than the basecoat, or white. When choosing colors from the basecoat slider, they should be color-picked from the main or somber portions of the basecoat slider. The Arcane portion of the slider is not available.

Color Allowances

Accents consist of 2 layers, one that is lighter than the basecoat, and one that is darker
Both layers cannot be darker, or lighter, than the basecoat.
Accents can use a maximum of 2 colors. You cannot use black, white, a lighter color, and a darker color.  


Accents must remain color-pickable. It is allowed to gradient/fade, but it must do so from a full opacity section of the mark.
Accents can use natural shapes to suggest images, however you cannot use it to explicitly draw an image. Accents should not imitate paint or tattoos.
Accents can use all available edge types on both the lighter and darker portion of the marking.
Accents cannot be used to render or shade the import, fake lineart, or add items to the Rex.  

Interaction with Fisher's Blush

Accents can have holes allowing Fisher's Blush to show through, however a portion of the Fisher's Blush marking must remain colour-pickable. It cannot be fully obscured by semi-transparent Accents.

Accents is a free marking and therefore cannot be dominant!

Smart stripes! Accents does not cover the face range, so this design is achieved with Dyon as well!
This works well! Even though everything is covered that the boundaries allows, it still would pass without problems! Accents does not cover the face range, so this design is achieved with Dyon as well!


Player Owned Examples

Accents can be erased away to expose a marking layered below it. This example uses Fisher's Blush on the tail tip!
Accents can also be used to 'extend' a marking within accents range. Here Accents is connected to the Tears marking on the small V on the tail!
Further Examples