With their darker colors, they can blend easily into the shadows. At least that is what rexes mumble about others that sport this type of coat. 


Marking Rarity

Marking Layering


Marking Colors

For White Markings Either:



Marking Edges

Affects the entire rexal! 

Symmetry Rules


  • Somber colors the base coat in the colors of the somber slider.
  • All other markings should be adjusted accordingly. The point of the modifier is to make the design dark with little contrast.
  • While there are no specific rules on how dark these rexes should be, they should clearly be rather dark in their appearance, including every marking.
  • Markings that must be lighter than the base coat still have that rule applied, they should just not be a stark contrast.
  • White markings should be picked either from the gray or the black slider
  • When using Free Markings they should draw from your Somber slider rather than your main basecoat slider. 
  • Somber cannot override markings that have their own colors or modifiers: Arcane, Coating, Fisher's, Pigment, etc



Copy paste these images directly into your art program over your design and set them to multiply for the best work effect.
Alternatively you can download the boundary PSDs with the marking boundaries!

There are no Boundaries for Somber. There are no Boundaries for Somber.

Somber is a design modifier that dials down the brightness and saturates your entire Rexal design with a darker, more subdued color palette, akin to the effect of melanism in animals. With this modifier, the base coat of your Rexal should be selected from the somber section of the given base coat slider.

This modifier doesn't just darken the hues, it also reduces the overall contrast in the design, making all markings muted and less distinct. But despite this darkening effect, your design should still retain enough detail to allow the unique markings of your Rexal to be discernible.

But remember, it's not just about making everything darker - it's about crafting a coherent design that embodies the aesthetics of this somber theme.

White Markings? What?

Imagine this: Every single white marking on your design that needs to be naturally white (This includes all free markings too! Even Snowed!) is now colored in either gray or black. Let's see an example!

Here we have a design with some white areas. Now we recolor it in either gray or black!


In it's dominant form, Somber lets you choose from the arcane section of your base coat slider for white markings instead!

Huh? White? 

Yes! This is Coating with the color Akoya rolled. Somber cannot force other color modifiers to darken.


Whats that light green?

Fisher's blush. Another colored marking that overrides Somber entirely.