This marking is an unfavorable one among those who have it, since it can break up an otherwise neat and tidy coat. That being said, it's a common marking and the only rexes who really care are those that have it.


Marking Rarity

Marking Layering

Marking Colors






Marking Edges


Symmetry Rules


  • Pursuit must show up at least twice.
  • Pursuit is able to edit the edges of a marking. Check the explanation tab for this special interaction.
  • Pusuit must be darker than the basecoat.
  • Pursuit's application limit is 30%, please make sure it does not resemble merle or look too uniform.
  • Pursuit can appear as clustered spots, furry patches or as an edge modifier.
    1. Clustered spots can have a secondary layer beneath. This layer must still be darker than the base coat.
        1.a These patches can look like clouds without any spaces in between.
              They need to still resemble tightly knit-together spots, though and cannot have a secondary layer.
    2. Patches must have textured edges. See examples in explanation.
    3. Edge modifier has to be spaced out, should not look like mottled edging and should not have more edge mods than 30% of the marking edges you are modifying.
  • Small parts can appear separate from the main patch, but must stay near.
  • Pursuit is allowed to have a few holes near the edges. Only one to two per patch, however, keep them at a minimum.
  • Pursuit is allowed to have a slight gradient and the gradient is allowed to have a texture.
  • Pursuit can fade into the base coat when the overall area you applied pursuit ends. Especially around the legs and the tip of the tail.


Copy paste these images directly into your art program over your design and set them to multiply for the best work effect.
Alternatively you can download the boundary PSDs with the marking boundaries!





Pursuit is a very versatile marking. There are multiple ways it can present in a design, but all of them have their own rules and restrictions.

See pursuit as a kind of marking add-on, which you can use to extend or fancy up existing markings while adding it's own flair.


Pursuit Variants

Dual Layer Clusters
The first version of Pursuit is a tightly clustered daub-like marking that has two layers, each with it's own value. The bottom layer is always lighter than the one that sits on top, but still darker than the base coat. 
The second layer for Pursuit is optional, but may not show up on Patch or Cloud pursuit. It should never match the upper layer, and should always have a clear difference between the two layers.

Edge Allowances

Permitted. Not Permitted. Both layers edge types must match. Not Permitted. Both layers edge types must match. Not Permitted. Edges cannot be both hard and semi-soft.

Single Layer Clusters
This is another valid version of this variant.

Cluster Density Allowances

Not Permitted. These spots are not clustering at all. Not Permitted. These spots are close but not clustering. Permitted. Be careful not to add too many loose spots around the central cluster however! Permitted. This mix of clusters with a few loose spots is perfect.

Fur Spots

More common on furred rexals (but still valid on the armored import, if you prefer that), this variant of pursuit imitates random spots with obvious fur texture. 


Make sure these never look like merle in real life animals!

Edge Modifier

Pursuit is able to modify edges of an existing marking!

Here we have Pinion with its edges modified by Pursuit. Pursuit will erase small portions from the main marking and add more spots on the outside, almost giving a mottled effect.

When using Pursuit as a modifier, this effect is permitted to extend slightly out of the marking's allowed range. However, it should hug the edge of the base marking (as demonstrated in this example) and follow its contours.


Additionally, when used as a modifier, Pursuit's effect must follow the color and edge rules of the marking it is applied to. It cannot be used on Soft markings. It also cannot be used on any free markings, including low gene free markings.



Pursuit as a modifier should both cut into and add petaled spots outside of a marking. These spots should be relatively connected, and should never only cut into or break out of a marking.

This is about the maximum of what you can do with this edge modifier. Remember to not make the pursuit patches too small either!



As an edge modifier it might sound like this can make your marking mottled, but this should not be the case. 
Remember, pursuit should still look like pursuit patches, or sort of petalled spots. here is a comparision:
Pursuit CANNOT effect the edges of more than one marking, and should never take up more than 30% of that marking.

This pusuit is too thickly clustered. Pursuit should never look like merle in dogs.


Here are a few tips for creating the Pursuit marking!


There are multiple things wrong with this.

  • It has the wrong hue for the bottom layer. 
  • The furry variant pursuit should not have two layers.

Marking Color Change


Dominant pursuit is great to imitate vitiligo in animals!
Remember that you can put a gradient over the marking!

Player Owned Examples

Clustered Spot Pursuit
Fur Spots Pursuit
Edge Modifier Pursuit