Paw Pads


Paw Pads


Tippy tappy toes? Rex with this special marking are rumored to be stealth masters. This marking is desired, but more for its cuteness than any actual prowess.


Marking Rarity


Marking Layering



Marking Colors


  • a color from the base coat slider (that is not the base coat)
  • A color from the above slider
  • Can be spotted (max 2 colors)
  • Color can be affected by genes that modify marking colors! 
    (Arcane, Lambent, Etc)

Marking Edges

Symmetry Rules



  • Paw Pads is an optional, free marking that won't appear in the geno. 
  • It can be applied to any Rex and if used should be listed in the Free Marks Used section during design approval. 
  • This static marking can only be recoloured, it cannot be modified and must use the provided png.
  • Paw pads can be shaded/textured, but must still resemble the natural color chosen.
  • Paw pads cannot be sparkly, too shiny, or patterned/textured outside of natural paw pad patterns/textures.
  • Paw Pads should be a single color. They can use a maximum of 2 colours if they are mottled or interacting with a white mark.
  • Unlike other free marks, Paw Pads may be affected by color modifiers - Pigment/Lambent, Arcane or Fade.



The layers for Paw Pads are included in the import PSD. 

There are no Boundaries for this marking. There are no Boundaries for this marking.


Paw Pads is a static marking - you must use the provided png and cannot erase or add any pixels.


Paw Pads can be a shade of the basecoat or color picked from the natural slider. They may present as mottled.


The lineart layer is optional. Paw Pads may be used with or without the lineart.


Paw Pads cannot use the white or black sliders, and cannot be different colors, with the exception of mottled and the following rule.

Paw Pads can use a lighter color where they are touched by a white marking.

Paw Pads cannot be saturated without Arcane present, this includes shading with a saturated color.

When using the lineart layer, it must be darker than the Paw Pads themselves. The lineart layer cannot be lighter than the Paw Pads. The lineart layer cannot be the same color as the Paw Pads.
Paw Pads may be unshaded. Paw Pads may be shaded with a gradient. Paw Pads may be fully shaded.
Paw pads is a free marking that doesn't appear on the genotype. Because of this it cannot become dominant and therefore has no dominant rules.

Player Owned Examples