Rex believe this rare occurance in their coats happened due to their soul falling far through the sky, stripping them off of their usual colors. 


Marking Rarity

Marking Layering


Marking Colors

For black markings:



Marking Edges

Affects the the entire rexal!

Symmetry Rules


  • Base color must be picked from the lambent slider provided. But you can choose whichever color you like best!
  • Markings can be darker and lighter than the base you picked, BUT you still MUST have the entire rex pastel colors!
           Make sure not to make markings too dark or saturated!
  • Black markings (such as free accents) turn gray (see the slider above)!
  • Arcane will still present and affect a marking normally, if you wish.
  • Lambent can't override unique color rules associated with special markings such as 'Fisher's', nor can it alter the hues of all the white markings. 
  • Lighter and darker rules for markings still apply! Markings that must be lighter than be base coat, may turn pure white.
  • Lambent can affect flesh and claw colors. If you affect flesh, the pink sheen (should you enable the layer) must be the same color.


Copy paste these images directly into your art program over your design and set them to multiply for the best work effect.
Alternatively you can download the boundary PSDs with the marking boundaries!

There are no Boundaries for Lambent. There are no Boundaries for Lambent.




'Lambent' is a modifier that imparts a light, pastel palette to your Rexal's entire design. The base color must be chosen from the Lambent slider, a delightful array of pastel hues.

For any markings layered atop the Lambent base, adjustments must be made to ensure that they too carry the pastel theme. They must not be overly dark or intensely saturated, to maintain the overall pastel aesthetic. In terms of color selection guidelines, consider the value (lightness) of the color in your design program. If it falls below around 50, the color might be too dark. However, this number isn't rigid, and some leeway is allowed to accommodate variations between different software.

A key characteristic of the Lambent marking is its transformation of normally black markings into shades of gray. These gray hues should be selected from the provided gray slider.

One critical note to remember — and this may require special attention, Lambent inhibits the use of 'black' for marking colors. Therefore, you can't just randomly color markings gray. Only markings that are naturally black in their nature can use the gray slider. Other's must be adjusted to the Lambent slider theme.


This one would be perfectly suitable and is pastel enough to pass. This one sadly is not. The colors of the drape, throw and the daub is too dark. This design is not pastel enough.

"In its dominant form, the 'Lambent' marking extends its pastel magic to every marking on your Rexal,
allowing each to be colored with a different hue from the Lambent slider.

Markings with two colors, are allowed to have two entirely different colors picked for them, as well, essentially making them two markings of the same kind.

This dominant version of Lambent supersedes the typical 'darker' and 'lighter' color rules associated with individual markings, granting you a lot more freedom in coloring your design.
However, this rule-bending power has its limitations. Even in its dominant form Lambent can't override unique color rules associated with special markings such as 'Arcane', nor can it alter the hues of all the white markings. 

Player Owned Examples