Darkness shrouds you, doesn't it? When rex see one with this marking layered on top of their coat, they will get instantly distrusting. Some even say that rex born with this marking are bout to go rogue. Clearly, though, that is just an old saying. Still, it relentlessly persists to be an annoying one... 


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Marking Edges

Symmetry Rules


  • Jetwash can never cover too much of a rexal's coat. Never more than 60% and never less than 10%.
  • Jetwash's edges can be slightly transparent as if washed out, but the edge must still be clearly visible.
  • Jetwash's edges can be as textured as you like, as long as they look natural and won't be too complicated. Laced edges and the like are still forbidden.
  • Jetwash can have smaller black spots near the main jetwash areas!
  • Jetwash must be beneath snowed, should you have both!
  • Jetwash should largely be connected. While it can have separated portions, it should not mimic other markings too closely.
  • If you have jetwash and snowed, the design underneath should still show somwhere on the design. You cannot hide the design completely by covering your rex in white and black.


Copy paste these images directly into your art program over your design and set them to multiply for the best work effect.
Alternatively you can download the boundary PSDs with the marking boundaries!

There are no Boundaries for Jetwash. There are no Boundaries for Jetwash.



Jetwash is a black marking, reminiscent of ink blotches spreading across the canvas of your Rexal's coat. It covers a significant portion of the design but always leaves space for the underlying base to shine through. 

This marking features natural, potentially textured edges that are visible but may appear slightly washed-out or faded. Avoid intricate lace-like edges, though, as they detract from the natural appearance of Jetwash. Although it may feature smaller spots of black near its main regions, these elements never appear as another marking althogether.

Jetwash can exhibit smaller black spots close to the main Jetwash area, adding to the marking's diversity. However, these spots shouldn't dominate the design or make Jetwash look like other markings. While Jetwash can be distributed in separate portions across your Rexal's coat, it should largely appear as a connected marking.

Careful with Coverage!

While Jetwash can appear anywhere on your design, remember that it has to cover enough of your rexal to be at least 10%.
This down there, is too little and not largely connected!


Careful with Holes!

Some holes are acceptable, large ones and a few tinier ones. This though, is too much! It reminds of rain or submerged if these markings would be black!
There are also way too many stray spots outside the marking!
Careful here! 

If Jetwash is in it's dominant form it can become slightly transparent and show what's underneath! Do not ever set the transparency of the layer below 85%, though!

Player Owned Examples