The Rexals bearing the Holyc gene are like walking tapestries of the primordial tales, their unique markings and peculiar abilities reflecting the boundless imagination of the Ancients. It's said they were directly created by the stories and memories of the old ones, blessed by the memories of each and every single soul that has ever been.


Holyc has no rules. Holyc is free.

An anomaly among Rexal genes. It exists outside the realm of heredity, refusing to conform to the conventional means of mutation or inheritance. Its manifestation is a tantalizing mystery, revealing itself solely through group designs, whether it's in the guise of rogue Rexals, those purchased with Dracm or Doubloons, or those won through a raffle.

Holyc is the ultimate wildcard gene.

It can cause a complete redefinition of the Rexal's aesthetics, imbuing their magical aura with color, introducing unprecedented markings, or enabling complete freedom in coat colorations. It might even manifest as exceptional magical abilities, making the Rexal stand out dramatically.

In its subtlest forms, Holyc may merely yield a random spot that defies the standard design rules. However, in its most extravagant expression, it can transform a Rexal into a unique design, which defies the rules of all other genetics.