Rex say those with this marking are cold blooded and hardened by the world. Due to it being very pretty, though, this might just be a saying born by envy.


Marking Rarity


Marking Layering


Marking Colors




Marking Edges


Symmetry Rules


  • Frostbitten can be lighter than the base coat, white, light blue or gray
  • Frostbitten can have gradients within the marking.
  • Frostbitten can cover as much of the body as you want.
  • White frosting can appear all over the design, especially on the snout and ear tips.
  • Frostbitten can be as intricate as you want, however it should not present in recognizable images.
  • This marking is fairly open for interpretation as long as it is recognizable. Try not to go overboard, though!
  • Frostbitten can have small white spots/sparkles inside of it!


Copy paste these images directly into your art program over your design and set them to multiply for the best work effect.
Alternatively you can download the boundary PSDs with the marking boundaries!

There are no Boundaries for Frostbitten. There are no Boundaries for Frostbitten.



Frostbitten is a distinctive marking that channels the beauty of frosty windows, specifically the intricate patterns of "fern frost" or "ice flowers". This marking can manifest anywhere on the rexal's body

Frostbitten must always incorporate hues of white, grey, or blue, reflecting the natural color palette of frost. The use of sparkling, glittering, and shining effects is permitted to further capture the ethereal glow of icy frost under the light.

An integral aspect of this marking is the frosty accents found on the rexal's snout and ear tips. If no other part of the body showcases the Frostbitten marking, these features must exhibit the frost effect. However, if the marking is present elsewhere on the body, the frosted snout and ear tips are not mandatory.

Creativity and individual interpretation are encouraged, as long as the final design effectively embodies the frosty aesthetic.


Minimum Design

Here is an example of the minimum amount Frostbitten must show.


When Frostbitten is dominant, the marking can take on an additional element of depth. A subtle, blue backdrop can emerge behind the icy accents, giving a further impression of a cold, frosty environment. This backdrop should not overwhelm or completely cover the entire design.
As always, refer to the guide image for a visual representation of this effect.