Rexes with dyon are rumored to have been thespians in their past life, however many see it as a sign of inner strength.


Marking Rarity

Marking Layering

Marking Colors

Marking Edges

Symmetry Rules


  • Dyon is an optional, free marking that won't appear in the geno. 
  • It can be applied to any Rex and if used should be listed in the Free Marks Used section during design approval. 
  • It can be asymmetrical or symmetrical!
  • 100% of the indicated boundary can be covered.
  • Dyon can have holes and mixed edge types.
  • Dyon should be reasonably naturally shaped. It cannot display symbols and should not resemble images. 
  • This marking's color(s) can be drawn from the black slider, white slider, and the main and somber portion of the basecoat slider. 
  • Dyon can fade out but must be 100% opacity at the start of the gradient. 
  • Dyon cannot be so small that it cannot be colour picked. 
  • Dyon cannot be affected by color or edge modifiers such as Arcane, Pigment, Frontier or Pursuit. 
  • Excessively complex or unnatural designs are at risk of being denied.


Copy paste these images directly into your art program over your design and set them to multiply for the best work effect.
Alternatively you can download the boundary PSDs with the marking boundaries!





Dyon allows you to add a natural, mask-style marking to your rexal's face. Too complicated or unnatural designs will get sent to corrections, so we recommend looking to real life mammals for inspiration. You should not include recognisable shapes other than those found in mammals like horses, such as hearts, moons, lightning bolts and the like. 



Edges, Fading and Holes

Dyon may have a variety of edge types. It may fade into another color or to the base, and it may have holes.

Color Allowance

Dyon can utilise any number of colors from the allowed sliders, but an eye-ball sized area of each color should remain color-pickable.
Here black and white have been blended too heavily and are appearing grey. The original black and white colors are not color-pickable so this design would not be legal.  
Here the black has been faded too heavily. The original black color is not color-pickable so this design would not be legal.  

Interaction with Fisher's Blush

Dyon can have holes allowing Fisher's Blush to show through.
A portion of the Fisher's Blush marking must remain colour-pickable. It cannot be fully obscured by semi-transparent Dyon.


Dyon colors should draw from the basecoat's main and/or somber slider, and/or black, and/or white. It cannot draw from the arcane slider, or an adjacent slider.
Symbols should be natural and should not look like tattoos, paint or text.
Things like skulls can be implied, but should not be rendered or appear to be an item on the rexal.
Dyon cannot be used to shade or render the import.  
Dyon cannot be used to draw pictures.  

Dyon is a free marking and cannot be dominant.


Player Owned Examples

Further Examples