When a rex passes away, a dracm is placed in their mouth so they can pay their guide. It is said that daub's spots are the mark each coin left on their body. That must mean that those with a lot of daub have many lives behind them... However, since it's associated with coins, there are also rumors of daub indicating future wealth. It's up to you to decide if this marking is a somber or fortunate one.


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Marking Layering


Marking Colors



Marking Edges

Symmetry Rules


  • Daub spots are rounded or oval.
  • Daub clusters, It should generally appear in groupings of 3 spots at minimum, but usually more.
  • While daub clusters, it should never be ordered to a degree where it creates a pointillism effect.
  • Daub should appear natural and not too uniform.
  • Daub are allowed to overlap, but never more then 3.
  • Daub can conform to the body.
  • Daub can be streaky when hitting long fur only.
  • They should never have holes in them and never be arranged in a way that resembles rosettes in animals.
  • Daub should not show on the throat armor.
  • Daub is able to have two values. Look in Explanation for an example.
  • Daub is able to have a simple gradient.


Copy paste these images directly into your art program over your design and set them to multiply for the best work effect.
Alternatively you can download the boundary PSDs with the marking boundaries!





The marking "daub" on a rex refer to small to medium sized, usually circular or irregularly shaped spots on the rex's body. These daub spots can be of various sizes and shapes. Here are some of the allowed daub shapes. Please do not stray away from these too much!

Daub has several variations and is generally a very free marking. Make sure you read the following examples in full so you know what you can and cannot do!

This illustrates the potential size and proximity of spots in daub markings. While it's acceptable for some spots to overlap, they should not be as densely clustered as in Pursuit markings. It's important to avoid a overly geometric appearance, as spots should still retain their natural, irregular shape even if they have some corners.
Daub markings can exhibit a two-toned appearance, where both tones are either lighter or darker than the base coat and should not be mixed. Each of the tones can have its own gradient, while still adhering to color rules.

The marking on the face may extend to the back of the ears, with a maximum amount of marking visible, and may also include a tear mark resembling those found on cheetahs.

This is also a great example for what the gradient can do. This is about the extent of how much the colors can vary!


Additionally to creating spots, Daub is able to punch holes into a marking of your choosing when it's dominant!

Look at this example. The marking was just erased from, no spots added ! Daub essentially acts as an eraser, erasing holes into the marking of your choosing. Be careful, that you are not making these spots too big or erase so much that it looks like entire chunks of the marking are missing!
Even though Daub clusters mostly in groups of 3, sometimes groups of 2 can be scattered in.

Player Owned Examples