Rex with this marking are considered magic-kissed. It is seen as very beautiful and rex that have arcane affect their coat are often very proud of it.


Marking Rarity

Marking Layering

Marking Colors



Symmetry Rules


  • Arcane is a modifier and therefore only affects other markings. Without markings, it will not appear.
    (A rex with markings can also be a carrier, mention this when submitting your design.)
  • Arcane's color is always randomly rolled! The color cannot be inherited from the parent.
  • You are able to pick the arcane color from anywhere of the predestined slider. All 3 sections are able to be picked from: Arcane, Main Portion and Somber.
  • Arcane must affect markings fully, unless the chosen marking's guide says otherwise. Examples include breeze.
  • Arcane always has one assigned color. However, a geno with multiple color modifiers is possible.
  • Arcane's color can be picked from any of its swatch's sliders. It overrides the darker/lighter than base coat color permits.
     ↳ Arcane cannot be applied to markings with special color rules (e.g. white or black only), unless otherwise specified.
  • Arcane can affect just one marking, or include some or all markings that sit above the "main" marking, however none special color marks.
     ↳ However, the arcane color cannot extend past the borders of the main marking even if the sub-markings themselves do.
        Any part of the sub-markings outside the main marking's borders must follow the rules of the marking itself.
     ↳ Arcane cannot override marking rules that lay on top of the arcane affected marking, even if you want to color them arcane, too.
        They still have to be lighter or darker than the base coat. 
  • Free markings cannot be affected by Arcane other than Accents. Accents can have one color (either black or white) colored in arcane IF arcane is present. 
  • Arcane cannot affect non-markings, i.e. claws, halo, etc.
    ↳ It can, however, affect the free paw pads marking.

  • Special interaction! This color mod can additionally color the entire rexal's skin. This includes the pink sheen layer.
    If you want to affect the skin and want the pink sheen layer enabled, it must be the same color as the flesh layer.
    It does not have to be the same color as the marking you chose to color (if any),
    however, you must choose a color from the same slider.


Copy paste these images directly into your art program over your design and set them to multiply for the best work effect.
Alternatively you can download the boundary PSDs with the marking boundaries!

There are no Boundaries for Arcane. There are no Boundaries for Arcane.



The 'Arcane' gene, abbreviated as 'arc', transforms one selected marking into a vivid hue derived from a pre-determined color slider, which is randomly assigned in the genotype. For instance, 'ocnarc' in the genotype would mean that one of your Rexal's markings could be rendered in a striking blue color, characteristic of the 'Ocean' slider, or 'ocn'.

Your vibrant 'Arcane' color can either come from the color slider corresponding to your Rexal's base coat, or alternatively, you can choose from the more vibrant options available in the 'Arcane' slider located above the base coat slider image.

Remember, 'Arcane' can only color one marking and does not impact the base coat. However, you are permitted to also color up top sitting markings, provided they directly overlay the 'Arcane'-affected marking. This 'color transfer' is strictly limited to the exact area where the initial 'Arcane' marking is located. No additional expansions are allowed.


Affecting Markings? What?

The 'Arcane' gene has the potential to impact not just one marking, but also the ones that layer above it. This effect is optional and up to the designer's discretion; not all upper layer markings must be influenced by the 'Arcane' gene.

If you choose to apply the 'Arcane' effect to the upper markings, they should follow the color scheme set by the 'Arcane'-treated marking. The hues can be vibrant and heavily saturated, much like the 'Arcane' color itself, but they can also be less intense if you prefer.

Consider the area affected by the 'Arcane' gene as a secondary base coat for your Rexal, where the markings layered above follow the same coloration rules as if they were being colored directly from the base coat. Therefore, a single 'Arcane'-affected marking and its directly layered markings should share a consistent hue, as variations in color are not allowed.

Here we see an example of arcane affected brushed. Left is pure brushed including it's second layer. On the right, all markings on top of brushed are affected, aside Fisher's, who is a free marking and wouldn't be affected.
(However, since Fisher's is free to pick it's color, of course you could change it to an orangy color if you would like.)

Remember that free markings cannot be affected other than one color of accents, still. Neither can markings that already have special color rules!


The 'Arcane' color must always be distinguishable!
Regardless of the slider you choose the color from, the design moderator should be able to identify the base 'Arcane' color, even if it's overlaid by other markings. This rule also applies when you opt to color the markings layered above the 'Arcane' marking with the same 'Arcane' hue.

The original 'Arcane'-affected marking should not be completely obscured by the upper layer markings. Its vibrant color needs to remain visible to ensure the unique 'Arcane' effect is discernible in your design.



Arcane & You.

Special interactions with markings!

Two layer Markings

In cases where a marking possesses two colors, the 'Arcane' gene presents an interesting option. You are allowed to choose whether to apply the 'Arcane' effect to just one color, leaving the other untouched. This way, the marking exhibits a blend of its original coloration and the striking 'Arcane' hue. The choice is entirely in your hands, offering a unique opportunity for creativity and customization.

Special Interactions

Some markings interact uniquely with the 'Arcane' gene, creating distinctive presentations when combined. Here's a list of these special markings. Keep in mind that detailed explanations of these interactions are also provided on each marking's individual page for further reference.


When you want arcane and fog to interact, you will be able to choose from these two options. This does NOT work for the base coat, however!

Arcane is not able to affect the base coat.

If Arcane is dom it can color in TWO markings! They can have the same or different hues!

Player Owned Examples