Attention! Rexalia isn't your typical ARPG!

Our Core Focus:

If you have a deep passion for advanced character design, beautiful scientific depth, immersive storytelling and adventures, then Rexalia is your ideal playground and our mission goes far beyond! We are dedicated to getting creative and pushing artists to evolve at their own pace and expand their boundaries.

As time goes on, Rexalia’s story also unfolds. Our group develops lore and narrative that deepens and becomes more intricate as we move forward. Each moment spent with us not only improves your artistry but also gradually uncovers the layers of our shared universe.

Our website is completely customized with the goal of providing you with the best ARPG platform! Many tasks that were traditionally handled by admins are automated on, and our minigames affect or are affected by your Rex's progress in the game.

It allows us to give you significant freedom for personalizing your Rex.

With Rexalia's import website features, you can swap between outfits, pets, and backgrounds at your leisure. This feature gives you the power to showcase your characters in various styles and settings, further enhancing the depth and realism of your creations.

Rexalia is a platform that values quality over quantity, and thoughtful, well-crafted submissions over hasty work. Interested? Then head over to our getting started page to become part of our worldbuilding adventure.


What We Anticipate From You:

Our main goal is to create a gaming experience that you will truly enjoy. We love seeing you pour your heart into your characters, share inspirational stories about them, and watch them grow through art. But we want more than just your happiness — we aim to inspire you, push your limits, and see your skills soar! The time, energy and care you choose to put into your presentation is what makes us happy. That’s the reward for working on our team. All great things to come!


Variations on traditional ARPG formats:

Our style leans more towards lore and character-building than pure game mechanics. Rexals are intelligent, human-like creatures that built their world as they see fit. While you do not have to play in our world and can use your rexals as handlers for other ARPGs, many aspects of the game will ask you to depict a lore-accurate world. If you find yourself wanting absolute freedom inside the game, it may not be the right fit for you, however, we always welcome you to simply own a rexal as a personal character!

Rexalia is not a breeding-centric group and hence, Rexals have minimal breeding slots. Breeding is more of a lore-related and fun activity. For players coming from a breeding-focused ARPG, please bear in mind that, while breeding can be exciting, it's not our primary focus.